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10 Best Affordable Destinations in the World

best affordable destination

Best Affordable Destinations in the World

Traveling abroad for some people it still feels like a dream come true sometime . But you know, that vacationing abroad turned out not to be as expensive and fancy as many people imagine . With careful planning and selecting the right destination , anyone can enjoy the other hemisphere and vacationing with pleasure .

Holidays are also frugal does not mean you should be economical to eat or drink or even eliminate the essence relax . Importantly, the fund set up for a long time and managed appropriately vacation . The following destinations can help you as a holiday destination overseas references that were not as expensive as many suppose . Only with a budget under $ 200 thousand , you can enjoy a vacation abroad with ease. What are you waiting for?



Visiting Western Europe was definitely drain the costs outweigh Eastern Europe . And Poland is one of the countries in Eastern Europe that could give the impression of a comfortable holiday cheap but at the same time . Poland is rich with history and architecture of the building luxurious and classy . But in terms of prices , Poland is very low compared to other European Negar . One package of typical Polish food at the restaurant alone is only about 5USD.


Southeast Asian countries have become a haven for travelers who have limited funds . But do not worry because in Cambodia , you can find a model lodging hostel or boarding at a price of $ 25 thousand overnight . For food and drink daily is very cheap. At best , you have to spend up to Rp 230 thousand for admission to the region ‘s famous Angkor Wat . The rest , all very affordable.

Sri Lanka

Rail fares between regions in Sri Lanka only around Rp 20 thousand. One night at the hostel only cost $ 60 thousand and traditional food such as a plate of curry and rice is only priced at Rp 12 thousand . Especially the less ? Even to visit national parks are numerous in Sri Lanka , visitors only need to spend USD 120 thousand.


Indeed, not many people are interested in visiting Central America . But who would have thought , Nicaragua save a million potential exciting vacation . Although overshadowed by nearby countries , Costa Rica , but Nicaragua presents the attractions that are comparable to Costa Rica , but at a much cheaper cost . Lodging priced at an average price of less than 120 USD per night , and the price of drinks and food ranges from 10 USD


Even after many rumors about the conflict in Egypt , a country with pride pyramid is still feasible and must be visited . Lodge hostel is only about 50 USD overnight and a set of typical Egyptian food need only pay 25 USD. Even the entrance to the pyramid just only 60 USD . You can easily control the holiday budget is under 20 USD per day


If you love culinary cheap , sempatkanlah come to Vietnam . Street food in Vietnam is famous for its distinctive taste and the price is amazingly cheap . Wherever you go , armed with 10 USD you can sit on plastic chairs at the edge of the road and enjoy the specialties of local communities . A bus ticket and lodging prices is very cheap here .


Want to feel the experience and the atmosphere of the Balkans ? Forget Croatia , because there are other objectives that are much cheaper , namely Albania . Indeed , Albania currency not combine with other European countries ( Euro ) , but by exchanging local currency there , you can stay around Rp 120 thousand per bed . Street food it was very


Many community activities that require high costs here , but in general , the cost of living in the country is quite low and affordable . Use public transport is very cheap and affordable dormitory -style accommodation . For food , you can enjoy a set menu restaurant at the price of USD 25-35 thousand.


Have you ever dreamed of visiting Greece with the housing style typical blue-white roof and stunning beaches? Immediately realize that dream because Greece is not as expensive as it turns out that you think. Stay at the hostel will not “rob: the contents of your wallet and taste typical Greek food like spinach pie is still a reasonable price.


Laos is one country in Southeast Asia that can be enjoyed with a very low budget. The entire bungalow for example, can be rented at a price of 12 USD And all the street food can be enjoyed at the price of 12 – 25 USD. Buy food at roadside and sat on the edge of the Mekong River for a cheap activity.


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