10 Unique about Singapore Required to Know!

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Singapore is one of the agenda travelers who want to feel the atmosphere of modern Asia. No wonder Singapore became a tourist destination, because the country is neat and clean. Here are some of the unique things about Singapore.

    • Singapore is a country that is growing very rapidly, with about 6 million inhabitants. This country is one of the countries with the smallest territory in the world.


    • Singapore has been transformed from a third world country; marshy island, became a first-class modern state in just 50 years. Singapore became a regional center for many companies with cutting-edge technology, biomedical facilities, and more.


  • There are four official languages ​​in Singapore, namely English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil, reflecting the country’s ethnic diversity.

  • Singapore is very green. Everywhere there are gardens, trees and urban forest. Singapore called a “city in a garden”, as the campaign is echoed Government of Singapure. The country is also very clean, especially because of strict rules about taking out the trash. Cleanliness Singapore is one of the main reasons people hunt for holiday bargains to Singapore.
  • The lowest temperature ever measured in Singapure is 20 ° C, and it happened 80 years ago!
  • Despite its small territory, the country has a six-digit postal code!
  • Singapura is often referred to as “state fines” due to large fines if you do breach, however small. For example, you could be fined because not flush public toilets or for chewing gum in a place that is forbidden!.singapore law
  • The Government of Singapore has a special department dealing with the problem matchmaking, called Social Development Unit (SDU). SDU abbreviation is often twisted into “Single, Desperate, and the Ugly” (single, desperate and ugly).
  • Changi Airport adlah modern facilities that achieved the number one airport in the world. The airport has a very large shopping center, with plenty of dining and entertainment. While waiting for the flight schedule, passengers can access the gaming space, a cinema, an orchid garden, and also enjoy superfast wi-fi service.
  • Parks in the world’s largest tropical orchids in Singapore.

That’s the unique things of Singapore, is interested to visit it?

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