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2016 the most expensive year-end holidays

2016 the most expensive year-end holidays

For certain circles, Christmas and New Year holidays abstinence missed. Every year, they will choose a different destination, with no dispute about the cost.

For the benefit of travelers choose travel destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year, flying Kiwi website released a list of countries and the most expensive and the cheapest city in the world, on Wednesday (7/12), as quoted by Travel and Leisure.

Known world’s most expensive because of the cost of daily living, from dining to shopping, somewhat higher. For travelers, the cost includes accommodation, food, transport to a wide entertainment event tickets theater play The Nutcracker.

Plus, shopping popular items, such as perfume, Barbie dolls, and toy Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon series. But of course, not all travelers spend their money during the holiday. They prefer the cheapest.

Then, anywhere kah cities in the world called the most expensive and the cheapest for travelers, especially for Christmas? Here is a list of the following destinations cost estimates released Kiwi website and reported by Travel and Leisure.

Overall, New York ranked top as the most expensive destination for Christmas shopping and sightseeing with a total cost of US $ 1.131.08.
Cost been in New York City is also called the most expensive, at US $ 762.34, while Jakarta, Indonesia, called the most expensive city for shopping, valued at US $ 568.49.

Washington, D.C. become the second most expensive city to visit after New York, with a total cost of US $ 589.44, followed by Bern, Switzerland, US $ 563.06, US $ 548.30 Geneva, and San Francisco US $ 540.44.

Buenos Aires ranks the second most expensive for the shopping enthusiast for US $ 561.46, followed by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil US $ 561.11, Reykjavik in Iceland US $ 556.24, and Shanghai in China US $ 545.96. Reykjavik became the most expensive Christmas destinations to-two with a total cost of US $ 1.014.80, followed by US $ 999.87 Copenhagen, Bern and Geneva US $ 974.58 US $ 959.82.

Lowest travel costs held by Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia USAT $ 122.46, while the lowest costs in a ‘controlled’ by Belfast in Northern Ireland US $ 293.07. Overall, Bratislava, Slovakia, become the cheapest destination for sightseeing and shopping US $ 521.02.

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