5 Best Places Safari Tours

best Safari Tours in the worl

Choosing traveling safari in 2016 is a very appropriate choice. Because in 2016 many safari park in the world that offers a variety of exciting experience wild adventure. Traveling this model will usually involve a challenging activity that requires proper preparation, a lot of exploring and sometimes culminate with the disappointment of not finding any animals while on safari.

However, a safari also provide an unforgettable adventure experience. Where a traveler can meet the animals in the wild to learn to socialize with the environment. Naturally a series of activities will offer something different in your tour. Here are 5 places to spidered best safari Tours in 2016.

5  Best Places Safari Tours

Leopard Hills – South Arica

Leopard Hills is a safari park located in the Kruger National Park occupies an area of 10,000 hectares and a habitat for large animals in South Africa. Travelers who want a safari there is also provided a magnificent cottage built on a rocky outcrop in the western sector of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

leopard hills - south Africa

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Adventure safari at Leopard Hills costs $ 910 per day for one person. The price includes two safari trips to see rhinos, lions, leopards, buffalo and elephants. The rangers also will be a reliable guide for tourists photography.

African Horseback Safaris – Botswana

In Botswana there is a safari park that offers surfing in a unique way is by horseback. Exploring the wild area of 450,000 hectares in the Okavango Delta on horseback is a great way to save energy.

horseback Botswana

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For two decades African Horseback Safaris has won an award for a safari on horseback and see wild animals such as elephants, zebras and giraffes. This model is used because in the Okavango Delta is often flooded every rainy season comes.

By using the horse safari activities will not be interrupted when the roads impassable vehicle. Rates on safari in the African Horseback Safaris pegged the range of $ 695 per person, per night.

Fundu Lagoon – Tanzania

Fundu Lagoon is the only safari that offers adventure on land and in the water. Traveler will get twice the safari experience at sea and land while traveling in Fundu Lagoon, Tanzania. The resort offers diving with full equipment package that allows exploration of the underwater coral reefs and dolphins, whales and turtles that live in the wreck on the seabed.

Fundu lagoon in africa

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After that the tourists will be invited surfing in the coastal rainforest which serves penamakan attractions of flying foxes, colobus monkey, until the rare birds. Traveler can enjoy an exciting adventure with an average cost of $ 440 per person, per night.

Samode Safari Lodge – India

For those who enter the tigers in the list of animals that have to be seen during a safari then Samode Safari Lodge in India offer it to you. There are hordes of big cats along with the crowd deer, wolves, bears, and chetah in this forest location.

Samode Safari Lodge – IndiaOpened in 2010 in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Samode Safari Lodge has 12 luxury villas and just won four categories in Safari Awards including best safari tour guide team category. To explore this forest manager has prepared the best jeep.

Karisia Walking Safaris – Kenya

Karisma Walking Safaris is similar to Norman Carr Walking Safari in Zambia that offer safari Tours on foot. However unique but not tourists walking tour guides who lead tourists camels as means of transport during the safari.

Karisia Walking SafarisThis tour will be along rivers and forests in the mountains and camping in the forest with stunning scenery which will occasionally appear animals wandering outside the tent. To enjoy this safari tourists are required to spend $ 400 and a 50% discount for children under the age of 16 years.

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