7 Europe’s Hidden Destinations for Traveler

Europe's Hidden Destination: Maastricht – Netherland

You’ve been to Europe and all you could brag about is visiting Paris, Rome, and London. Well, though those places are totally Instagramable but that’s it because everyone knows that you were in Paris because the background picture is Eiffel Tower. Furthermore, no matter how beautiful those places are, they’re always packed with tourist. So, why don’t you try finding a travel destination which is not so touristy because Europe is large and some Europe’s Hidden Destinations below could inspire you to plan your next Europe Trip in much better way.

  1. Coimbra – Portugal

Lisbon and Porto are two most visited cities in Portugal and Coimbra is relatively closed by those cities. This city is not packed with tourist, instead it is packed with historical building with stunning architecture, beautiful churches from the Roman era as well as the home one of the world’s oldest University.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Coimbra - Portugal

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Coimbra – Portugal

  1. Freiburg im Breisgau – Germany

Berlin is typically a big city but Freiburg im Breisgau is a perfect city for you who are looking for a relaxing afternoon and natural beauty of morning vibe. This city is also well known from its wines as well as the romantic atmosphere from the little canals where you could dine under the stars.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Freiburg im Breisgau – Germany

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Freiburg im Breisgau – Germany

  1. Maastricht – Netherlands

Don’t compare Maastricht with Amsterdam because in this beautiful city you will experience how the city which is located in the both sides of Meuse River is alive with historical castles, stunning view of countryside. The main city could be explored by foods and the city where you could visit one of the world’s oldest church.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Maastricht – Netherland

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Maastricht – Netherland

  1. Matera – Italy

Matera is one of the cities you should visit when you were in Italy. This place is stunningly beautiful, so rich of culture and custom and very old. In 1993 UNESCO announced Matera to be one of the world’s heritage site because of the same reasons. You could spend one or two days in this city and join the tours to explore and learn the fascinating history of the city.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Matera – Italy

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Matera – Italy

  1. Mons – Belgium

How many places or masterpieces you have visited which have been announced as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site or Masterpieces? Well, just by visiting Mons you could add three more UNESCO’s World Heritage Masterpieces they are The Neolithic Mines, The Dou Dou and The Belfry. Everywhere in the city you will find buildings which design is the mix of military style and religious building.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Mons – Belgium

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Mons – Belgium

  1. Sibiu – Romania

When it comes to Romania, the first thing that pops in your head is “Which direction the Dracula’s castle is?”. Well, Romania is much more than that you know. Sibiu is a perfect picturesque of Middle Ages’ town you should visit more than just a Dracula’s old castle.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Sibiu – Romania

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Sibiu – Romania

  1. Torun – Poland

Do you know who Nicolaus Copernicus? He is a famous astronomer and Torun is his birthplace. The unique thing about this city is it seems like every corner is marked by a famous and beautiful landmarks. One more thing, this city is also famous for its gingerbread, even there is a museum especially dedicated to this local’s favorite.

Europe's Hidden Destination: Torun – Poland

Europe’s Hidden Destination: Torun – Poland

If you have visited Europe before and not know about those places, you will feel like you’ve been betrayed like “Why there’s no one tell me before about them?”. Well, since you’ve known about them now, you have to make sure to put them to your itinerary of your next Euro Trip.

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