Abandoned Places Worth A Visit From Around the World

Hashima Island - Japan

Not all plans are going smoothly; some abandoned places from around the world below are the examples of those. These abandoned places are surprisingly stunning; it is because they were once well-planned with big budget, unfortunately somehow, in the middle of the construction, the development were stopped due to some various reasons. For you who are currently in the countries, perhaps visiting those places will give you a new perspective that no matter how hard you try to be perfect, there is always imperfection in you. Just embrace it but don’t abandon it unless you want to be like these places.

Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea

This hotel is so enormous located in the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang, this 105 storey building is dominating the city skyline. The design of this hotel is totally stunning but due to the collapse of Soviet Union back then this hotel is suffering the effect. Though there were some plans to reopen the hotel but until now, this hotel is still in despair. However, if somehow you’re in Pyongyang, don’t miss to visit this hotel.

Ryugyong Hotel - North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea

Hashima Island – Japan

Hashima means ‘battleship’ in Japan, it is because the silhouette of the island from afar looks like an abandoned battleship, so stunning in its creepy way. Once upon a time, this island was a home of 5,000 coal miners and their families, so this small island was very crowded at that time. After the coal were completely disappeared, this island was also abandoned. Now, this island is opened for tourist for explore, just important to note, there is no basic facility in this island, as basic as toilet, so be prepared.

Hashima Island - Japan

Hashima Island – Japan

Holy Land of Connecticut – USA

Holy Land was a Christian theme park created by John Baptist Greco and once attracted up to 40,000 visitors every year around 1960s and 70s, unfortunately when the owner died, the theme park followed suit. There are several attempts from the local community to bring back the glory of this theme park but with no success.

Electric Cross of Holy Land - USA

Electric Cross of Holy Land – USA

The Wreck of the SS America – Canary Island

The wreck located in Canary Island is the only remainder the glorious of this ship was. This ship once was planned to be turned into a luxury hotel, unfortunately the hull was split in two in the coast of Fuerteventura, Canary Island. Now, instead of a hotel, the wreck of SS America is a popular diving spot for tourists.

SS America - Canary Island

SS America – Canary Island

El Hotel del Salto – Colombia

The combination of stunning view, luxury design hotel with a direct of beautiful Tequendama waterfall should make this hotel a popular spot for tourists. Instead this hotel was forced to close because the local river that distributed water to the hotel was contaminated by industrial waste. Now, you still could visit the hotel, though you cannot stay there because the urban legend said, the hotel was being haunted.

El Hotel del Salto - Colombia

El Hotel del Salto – Colombia

Chateau Miranda – Belgium

This chateau was initially a castle for Liedekerke-De Beaufort family to stay, during World War II, the chateau has been occupied by German military, after that the castle was turned into an orphanage. However, in 1991 when the property were about to maintain, the cost turned out to be too expensive, since then the chateau was abandoned.

Chateau Miranda - Belgium

Chateau Miranda – Belgium

Those places are used to be a dream, a hope and a life but then due to some unexpected factors, those places were turned into a hopeless, crumbling dream. They are a truly reminder that sometimes, life doesn’t always like what you’ve been planning. Though, those abandoned places from around the world are worth a visit.

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