Anniesa Hasibuan Muslim Fashion Design at New York Fashion Week 2016 to be the Best

Anniesa Hasibuan Muslim Fashion Design at New York Fashion Week 2016 to be the Best
Moment of Muslim fashion show at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) works of designers from Indonesia, Anniesa Hasibuan, regarded as one of the best moments for women throughout 2016.

The first Muslim fashion show that was held in one of the leading event in the fashion industry was rated as a ‘victory’ for Muslim and a huge leap in the development of the fashion industry.

Moment fashion show by Anniesa Hasibuan, which was held in September, was coupled with a number of other best moments, which is selected by the editorial team of leading fashion magazines and women from the United States, Haarper Bazaar.

Muslim fashion show that was held at The Dock, Moynihan Station, New York, United States was ranked fourth out of 15 of the best moments of women throughout the 2016 version Haarper Bazaar.

In his speech, calling Haarper Bazaar, a fashion show that was held by 30-year-old designer marks a major leap in the fashion industry, especially in the acceptance of new ideas or inclusiveness. Not only that, Haarper Bazaar also called the Islamic fashion shows it to be a ‘victory’ for Muslim women.

Muslim fashion designers, Anniesa Hasibuan, create a buzz in New York Fashion Week in September. Not only being the first designer from Indonesia, which displays his collection at NYFW, but he also became the first designer to show works of Muslim clothing complete with hijab.

“Collections are inspired by the conditions in Jakarta, hometown Anniesa, it marks a ‘great victory’ for Muslim women wherever they are. In addition, it also marks a big lompata fashion industry towards inclusiveness, “wrote Haarper Bazaar on his official page.

In the list of the best moments for women in 2016 was the version Haarper Bazaar, moments Islamic fashion shows Anniesa Hasibuan work was in fourth position, behind the US First Lady’s speech, Michelle Obama. Michele Obama’s speech raised the issue of sexual violence contained in the US Presidential election campaign.

While in the first position is a declaration of Hillary Clinton when deciding to go forward to the US presidential elections. Hillary noted to be the first woman to appear as a candidate for President of the United States.

While in the second position is the latest music album works of female singers from the United States, Beyonce, titled Lemonade. Album equipped with a video documentary featuring the issue of violence experienced by African American women.

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