Awesome Festival Countries that Must Visit in 2016

Festival countries

Many countries held awesome festival annualy. If you were overlooked last year, at least, you must visit one of that festival before you die. Prepare your travel bag and please enjoy the festival that will make you merry and happy!

La Tomatina – Spain


This is one of the famous festival. Not only society who enthuse on the occasion of this festival, but the foreign tourist anyway. In La Tomatina, all of people throw tomato mutually. All of people will to be red and wet, all of people will be happy. La Tomatina held on the last Wednesday of August. Come to Bunol, Spain, and get throw a lot of tomatoes!

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival – China

6745311767_ee3bc9850d_oReplica of the famous building in the world can you see at here. Colourful, bright, beautiful. And, all of replica building made by ice. It is awesome, right? Shine colourful of fireworks be able also make your night more wonderful. You must be present in this festival. Held on January until March 2016 in Harbin, China.

Rio De Janeiro Carnaval – Brazil

Carnival in Rio: Elaborate costumeIn this carnaval, streets city of Rio full of the society or the foreign tourist that wearing an unique and luxurious costume. Music and Samba dance it was booming. At this year, Rio De Janeiro Carnaval held on February.

Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

eca86bd9e2fb13537c6618All of activity in this festival playing on the mud. Wrestling, maraton, everything did on the mud. Mud from South Korea be able to make your skin brighteen and healty. So, don’t worry if mud fully all part of your body. Boryeong Festival held on July 2016.

Songkran Festival – Thailand

tumblr_inline_nyx0o2QQPs1ti7vvq_540Songkran Festival is the favourite event for foreign tourist who came to Thailand. Water fight, shoot another people with water, did they are cheerful. Honestly, Songkran Festival is also held at Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. But in Thailand, Songkran Festival is most great. Please come to Khao San Road or Siloam Road, Bangkok, at 13-15th April 2016 to enjoy this festival.

Burning Man Festival – USA

s_b01_RTX133BXAlthough this festival was named of ‘burning man’ but no one of people that will burning indeed. When Burning Man Festival held along, you’ll be entertaining with dancing, fashion show, music concert, etc. At summit night, procession of burning giant human’s statues arranged. It will be hot and very awesome. This is the most great of ‘barbeque party’ in USA. Prepare your camera and take some of awesome ‘burning’ on 28th August 2016 until 5th September 2016.

Death Festival – Mexico

People with their faces painted to look like the popular Mexican figure called "Catrina" take part in the annual Catrina Fest in Mexico CityFor the Mexico’s society, Death Festival is a tradition to remember and praying friends or family who pass away. One day in festival, they are will going to tomb with carry marigold flower. The foreign tourist be able to join in this festival. Please use best horror costume and felling different ambience at Death Festival on 1th October until 2th November 2016. Walking on the street with another ‘ghost’ and roar!

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