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Backpacker vs Flashpacker, Which Are You?

Backpacker vs Flashpacker

The term of flashpacker used to be related to travelers who prefer luxury access to WiFi from their private hotel suite while backpacker are travelers who are only depending on whatever they bring with them in their backpack and left all the luxury behind. However, those are years ago because now the lines between backpacker and flashpacker are starting to blend because even a backpacker are using the most advance hiking technology while the flashpacker are sharing the same luxury WiFi access with even the poorest backpacker on street.

The Reasons Behind The Chance of Travelling Style

It is true that some people with money or flashpacker prefer luxury travel style and bring all kinds of stuffs like laptop, camera, mobile phones and prefer to stay in a resort while backpackers are those who will abandon most of those luxury and bring all the basics only that fit to their backpack. However, now there are changes that cause a blur line between flashpacker and backpacker. There must be some factors that influence it.

  1. Technology Makes Everything Easier

You don’t need to be flashpacker to enjoy all the technology could offer. A smartphone is more than enough to make a backpacker a flashpacker, since smartphone is considered to be one of the luxury item a flashpacker couldn’t live without. Simple example, both backpacker and flashpacker will ditch the use of conventional map, the reason is simple, there is no point paying extra money for tourist map if everything from direction to how to get there are Googleable.

Backpacker vs Flashpacker - Technology

Backpacker vs Flashpacker – Technology

  1. Travelling for Sharing

Right now travelling is no longer about yourself looking for some peace of mind but travelling is also the way to present yourself to the world. It makes the backpacker looks even flashier than the flashpacker when it comes to their Instagram account because backpacker will share much cooler picture about where they stay from an exotic hut in the middle of nowhere up to sleeping under the star kind of picture while flashpacker only able to share the picture of the resort they stay which sometimes so similar from one resort to another, like giant swimming pool and fake palm trees.

Backpacker vs Flashpacker

Backpacker vs Flashpacker

  1. Hyperconnected World

Some years ago only those who live in luxury hotel or resort could get the fast internet access but now it is no longer relevant because even the cheapest motel in the middle of nowhere has internet access. Furthermore, some local providers are offering cheap internet and even some countries have provided access to WiFi for free around the city points. So, though you don’t bring your laptop with you, you still could get all the luxury of internet access with your smartphone.

Flashpacker vs Backpacker - Hyperconnected World

Flashpacker vs Backpacker – Hyperconnected World

  1. The Recent Trend of Digitally Nomad

Digitally nomad is a term used by those who are working through internet that enable them to be wherever you want. Right now, you don’t need to sit behind a desk to make money because it is possible for you to sit in an exotic island enjoying the sun and you still could money. You must be surprised how much money a traveler blogger could make or how much benefits they could get in the form of services, hotel vouchers or food coupons.

Flashpacker vs Backpacker - Digitally Nomad

Flashpacker vs Backpacker – Digitally Nomad

Right now, backpacking is more than just a style but an option. Even those with money sometimes prefer to be a backpacker and even a backpacker is no longer able to live without their gadgets and internet connection just like a flashpacker.

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