Batik Kudus Introduces at New York Fashion Week 2016

Batik Kudus Introduces at New York Fashion Week 2016

NEW YORK, – Indonesia Designer, Denny Wirawan and Bakti Budaya Indonesia Djarum Foundation brings to the stage wastra fashion world, Fashion Gallery, New York Fashion Week (FGNYFW) 2016 through Balijava ethnic lines with the Batik Kudus collection.

A total of 15 new design looks Fall Winter collection to appear modern, edgy and elegant themed Padma appeared before fashion lovers on February 14, local time at the Ballroom of Hotel Affinia Manhattan, New York, United States (US).

FGNYFW is part of a series of New York Fashion Week, which is known as one of the fashion mecca of the world. The designers of the world the opportunity to display their work at this NYFW in four parts of the event, among others: New York Fashion Week Main Tent, Style New York Fashion Week, New York Couture Fashion Week and Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week.

Thursday (18/02), Padma or better known as the lotus flower, a symbol of timeless beauty and purity in Asian cultures. Philosophy lotus flower (Lotus) which is the original motive of the Batik Kudus has attracted the attention of Denny Wirawan, so as to develop and cultivate lotus flower motif as a series of collection.

Balijava with Batik Kudus collection uses a color palette tends to be darker, such as navy blue, olive green, beige, and black to match the theme of the fall and winter. Styles offered are ready to wear deluxe with superiors, outer, long skirts, pants, cape, long coat, and long dresses are stacked (layering) and all of them can be combined (mix and match).

Meanwhile, from the Batik Kudus motifs used are wajikan motif, rice kecer and geometric box as a base, combined with the attractive main motif Lotus flower.

Batik Kudus Introduces at New York Fashion Week 2016

New York Fashion Week 2016

On the appearance of the first to the tenth collection, Denny Wirawan featuring designs are fresh, modern and edgy. Seen from the collection, the pants cut loose fitted tops combined with the attractive curves show the wearer’s body, a variety of patterns with a modern silhouette blends outer pull the embroidery technique that became statement Denny Wirawan.

For the boss, Denny Wirawan inspired by the elegance of Indonesian women in the past that women -Clothing kebaya silhouette of Java and Java-beskap -Clothing man into a woman ready to wear clothing that is laden present. Lotus flower motif and wings were applied over many geometric material displayed on the initial collection.

In a collection of eleven to fifteen, glamorous and elegant style with a collection dominated Balijava Batik Kudus. Long dress design looks stacked with long coat and cape, with motifs kecer rice as a base and a lotus flower as the main motive, glided gracefully.

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