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beijing and washington

What happens if the eastern and western architectural styles mated without leaving the hallmark of each? Building New Great Wall International Movie Studio, China is the answer.

Reported by the BBC, a new unique building was built completed in the amusement park in northern Shijiazhuang it. This building looks like two buildings split and put together. One side of the architectural design mimics the Temple of Heaven, while the other side of the building is inspired by the US Capitol Building.

This building consists of two floors and featuring a unique landscape for local visitors. Just by walking around the building, visitors can exist ‘photographed with two buildings in Beijing and Washington’. No wonder that this building became the new attraction in the New Great Wall International Movie Studio.

beijing and washington


Not only the outside of the building looks like a split in two. Inside, it looked like two rooms were cut and attached to one.

So far the building has been visited by thousands of tourists both local and reap a variety of comments on social networking China, Weibo. Many have praised the building as an efficient way to get around the limitations of the land. There is also considered as a symbol of friendship between China and the United States.

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