Buffalo Duel become a ritual sacred cemetery corpse in Toraja

buffalo duel in Toraja

The cold sting as incoming gnaw the skin pores, those using gloves as if endlessly back and forth while melempas smile that morning. Surrounded by green hills towering arrogant from a distance as well as the warm welcome home tongkonan tell that this beautiful land and hospitable. That’s how we greet the morning when newly arrived in Toraja, a district which is about 330 kilometers from the city of Makassar, which became a favorite tourist destination in the province.

Seen people dressed in black filled the streets of the village Randang Stone, cars parked on the side of the road length making access to the only road in the southern village Toraja looks really busy. A traditional ceremony Signs Solo is being held in the village. Based on existing literacy explained that, Signs Solo Indigenous ceremony is a ritual funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja, which is where this ritual means to deliver the spirits of deceased who have died up to the destination end, namely the spirit realm.

Prior to the inclusion of religion in Toraja, the people there still adhered confidence Aluk Todolo, known as the old animism. Todolo Aluk based on trust, for those who died could not be considered truly dead, they only considered moderate to macular or people who are sick / weak, so the food, beverage and other needs remain reserved for late because they are still alive. Later late really considered to have died while the family was carrying out the customary funeral procession Signs Solo, in the funeral ceremony of the late equipped with all the ceremonial paraphernalia, animal sacrifice, to property by his family to get into the spirit realm.

When the family of the late hold traditional ceremonies, other relatives came to use black clothing, they also helped donate sacrificial animals such as pigs and buffalo as stock late that want to transfer to the spiritual realm. So do not be surprised when I heard the funeral ceremony in Toraja can spend hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah just for the ceremony Signs Solo, because the calculation of these costs are accumulated with donations of sacrificial animals from their relatives.

Bamboo houses thatched be a greeter when entering the ceremony area, fabrics towering red long with distinctive carvings adorn the roof and fence the houses. Constraints of the fabric in the house seemed to be the guest area boundary markers are characterized by clan, banquet guest house because the house is exactly the guests who come will be hosted by executing the event.Buffalo Duel become a ritual sacred cemetery corpse in Toraja1

“Please go to the” man with the mustache black clothes took into the house of bamboo. All who come here are for our guests, and guests should be treated to a well that our family late quickly reached its destination. Continued the man who lived the 60s range, bushy moustached man named Mr. Rambe. Pak Rambe itself that a To sipalakuan (person in charge meets all the needs of the bodies of care and ceremony) in the Signs Solo event that afternoon.

With paved with bamboo flooring I sat down to join the other guests who turned out to have been allowed to enter in advance by the master celebration. “Because the deceased was tana ‘months (high nobility), then the event is held for a minimum of 7 days, could show the longer dependent family guests who come” said pack Rambe explained by the guest house friendly bamboo. Now it has collected about 45 buffaloes, 5 of which are Tedong Bonga (buffalo striped) and about 30 pigs. He continued.

Buffalo sacrificed in any ritual funeral ceremony Signs Solo is an obligation, based on public trust Toraja buffalo sacrificed this will then be the vehicle towards mending the spirit realm, the more buffalo the faster it reached the destination. For a noble family, must sacrifice striped buffalo (buffalo horned albino black spots and yellow gold) is also an obligation.

Price buffalo striped or ordinary people call tedong bonga Toraja is not kidding, the price of a buffalo Area IDR 150 million – IDR 250juta, said pack Rambe. Well a very expensive vehicle to the spirit realm. Before the bulls were sacrificed when the last day in a series of ceremonies, every afternoon they do passilaga tedong or buffalo race as entertainment for the guests who come to the event.

From outside the banquet guest house, heard gemah voices singing to the accompaniment of music typical, they form a circle and each associate his little finger. Ma’Badong they again perform the ritual, a dance and a song of grief given to late, every person who wants to express his sadness prayer and join in the dance said Rambe pack. Listen to them sing poems only grief I had goosebumps fur kudu, so sacred Torajan deliver them to the family of the last natural in his life journey. We rushed out of the house banquet guests to watch the funeral procession of dance.

Procession Aluk Pia / Aluk BANUA And Aluk Palao / Aluk Chain In the procession Aluk Pia / Aluk Banua was held for four days in a row.

Buffalo Duel become a ritual sacred cemetery corpse in Toraja

Day One: Presents the sacrificial animals in the form of a buffalo and pigs, with singing and grief all night (ma’badong). On the first day, do also change the location of the position late to change its status to the macula, that is, those that are considered truly dead.

Day Two: Accept relatives who usually come to bring donations of sacrificial animals or money. This donation as a sign that in the future if the donor also organizes ceremonies, then donated should return, although it is not considered as a loan. Guests will usually introduce the relatives of each so that from here they finally know each braid their kinship.

Day Three: Hold 2 rituals. The first is ma’bolong, which is a ritual slaughter of pigs in the early morning by to mebalun where everyone dressed in black as a sign of mourning. Secondly, ma’batang, slaughtering buffalo in the field and continued with the reading spells compliment the ancestors of the top bala’kayan (tower of meat).

Day Four: Implement ritual bodies enter into a wooden crate. The wood used to be a dead wood (wood mate) and became a symbol that the bodies have been completely dead.

After the procession aluk pia / aluk banua completed, followed again by a procession Aluk Palao or Aluk rante

Ma ‘Palao, the bodies of the barn was moved on the field and taken to the accompaniment of the procession. Once in the field, buffalo cut with a straight cut down his neck. Buffalo meat is then distributed to those present with previously sung poems grief.

  • Allo katongkkonan, families receive guests who come and record the donation.
  • Allo katorroan, family and the attendant short break to discuss the preparation for the main event funeral party. At this stage, it was agreed to mention how the buffalo to be cut.
  • Mantaa ‘Padang, the main event that cuts water buffalo which had been agreed in advance. Buffalo meat is then distributed to the families and relatives according to custom. Sometimes there are buffalo left alive but was intended to be slaughtered and donated to the community.
  • Me aa ‘, the bodies derived from lakian or to the cemetery, then held worship funeral, condolences, thank you from the family, and burial procession.

Signs solo ritual ceremony is actually considered complete when the corpse is completely buried.

Signs Solo ritual funeral ceremony is a cultural richness that is still preserved in the modern era in Tanah Toraja, the sanctity of the ceremony of delivery of their relatives to the spirit realm will never be judged from the material. The departure of not only the subject of grief, but also the relationship that is always awake from a moment of delivery, that’s how I understand it after seeing the procession of the funeral ceremony in Toraja Signs Solo.

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