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Conflict Regions Airbnb Provide accommodation for Travellers

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If tourists want mengekspolrasi conflict countries, do not have to worry anymore difficulty of finding a place to stay cheap. Airbnb currently has open accommodation in a nest Taliban from Quetta.

Pakistan is currently experiencing armed conflict. Terror attacks and killings still lurk even though security has meingkat in the past year.

With an atmosphere that is troubling, tourists still can feel safe with only paying 11 euros per person in a single night. Located in a residential complex located in the suburbs, the house can accommodate six people and a car park otherwise very safe from attack.

“In the last 10 years my family has stayed here. This area is considered as a luxury guest room so that there will not be many concerns associated with it. There is a 24 hour police patrol on the main road adjacent to the residential scheme, “said the owner of the Daily Mail quoted Muhammad’s house on Sunday (31/1).

He explained that the place is very protected and away from anxiety attacks. Because the area is much more favorable than the situation in the town center.

But if tourists want to other countries, there is a place at a price of 36 euros per night in Hillah, Iraq. The location is close to one of the former palaces of Saddam Hussein. Airbnb also offers some accommodation places to stay in some areas of conflict.

“Before booking international travel or traveling internationally, we suggest you consult with the relevant agencies in the government (eg Ministry of Foreign Affairs to US citizens) to the travel warning or travel advisory that may apply to the country or region included in the itinerary,” says spokesman Airbnb.

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