Czech Citizens Interested in Services Spa in Bali


Czech society increasingly interested in Bali, including Bali spa already famous around the world. Exploited the popularity of spa Bali Spa Centre Republic, Prince of Wellness opened Bali Room. It was special for the fans who have unique Balinese spa.

Own Prince of Wellness, Michaela Vesela, officially opened the Bali Room Prince of Wellness, located in the center of Prague, said the Secretary of the Second Protocol, Consular and Information, Embassy in Prague, Fitriyani Riduan, Friday (01/15).

Michaela said the opening of the Bali Room is a breakthrough and something new for the Czechs, especially spa enthusiasts. Moreover, Czech citizens now prefer to linger in the spa to refresh and caring for the body, as well as spend some time relaxing after a routine activity.

Indonesian Ambassador Prague, DR. Aulia Rachman positive response to the opening of the Bali Room at the Prince of Wellness spa center and hope more and more spa center in the Czech Republic using a technique Bali spa. Expected opening Bali spa can increase the volume of trade of spices and herbs from Bali to Czech spas.

Republic is one of the spa center in Central and Eastern Europe region. Spa culture has become a ritual treatment since hundreds of years ago, which until now used as an important part of medicine and herbal treatments.

Spa in the Czech general use Thai massage techniques, but other massage techniques such as India and Indonesia to be a trend that is increasingly in demand exotic.

Bali Room opening covered by a number of media Republic and attended by artists such as the Dominican Republic Bymova, Linda Finkova, Victoria Velvet and Thomas Kruchina. A dancer Bali, Gusti Ayu Putu Setia Dewi, dancing Penyembrama on the occasion.

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