Egypt Needs a Year to Restore Tourism

egypt tourism

Recovery of the flow of tourists to Sharm el-Sheikh region of Egypt is expected to last for one year, after the Russian-owned Metrojet plane crashed due to suspicion of a bomb blast in the tourist area, in late October 2015. Since that tragic event, the Egyptian tourism experiencing adversity foreign tourists.

According to a statement from the airline illumination Monarch Airlines, British-owned airline company purchased last year Greybull Capital LLP as quoted by Bloomberg, on Tuesday.

Airlines will re-start flights to the Sinai Peninsula in early 2016, depending on the direction of the Egyptian authorities and england.Perusahaan it will reduce the frequency of flights than before the incident plane crash on October 31 last, said CEO of Monarch Airlines, Andrew Swaffield.

“Flow of foreign tourists, mainly from the Russian state are likely to recover within a year and a gradual recovery is underway. Now the Egyptian government is also trying hard to restore its tourism after the events of Russian aircraft tumbling “he said.

Andrew also mentioned business events in Egypt will be fully recovered by the end of next year. EasyJet Plc and British Airways also said it will begin flights to Sharm el-Sheik fastest January 2016.

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