Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave, Austria

Eisriesenwelt ice cave, Austria

For lovers of adventure tourism certainly will not miss the adventure in the Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt. Eisriesenwelt is a cave made of natural limestone in which is filled with a layer of ice. In German the word “Eisriesenwelt” means a giant ice world. This challenging tourist area located in Werfen, Austria approximately 40 KM south part of Salzburg.

Eisriesenwelt ice cave has been named the greatest in the world, because it has a length exceeding 42 KM. Although the cave is known as an ice cave, but do not include glacier cave. Eisriesenwelt caves created by the flow of the river Salzach. The flow of this river flowing through the mountains and then scrape the various hallways that occurred about 100 million years ago.

For millions of years these crevices and cracks in the limestone formed. When winter comes, the air temperature in the cave can reach below freezing. In the spring, the snow will go through the crack rocks and snow seepage current flowing into the lower regions with colder temperatures, the water will freeze. Then slowly occur charming ice formations in the cave Eisriesenwelt this.

Although the Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave has a length of up to 42 KM, but visitors are only allowed along the ice cave is only about a kilometer away. Because the whole region is filled with a thick layer of frost. Another part of the cave Eisriesenwelt is composed of limestone. You can visit the ice caves of this region at any time, because the entrance to the cave is open all year round.

Air circulation inside the cave is quite unique, so in winter the cold wind will lead into the cave. So that the water in the cave will be frozen. Meanwhile, during the summer, cold winds inside the cave will lead out. So beautiful ice formations spared from the melting process. So with this condition all the tourists can enjoy the beauty of ice formation at anytime.

Eisriesenwelt ice cave, Austria

Eisriesenwelt cave was first discovered by a natural scientist named Anton Posselt. This man comes from Salzburg and managed to find this cave in 1879. Prior Eisriesenwelt cave was discovered by Anton Posselt, the actual existence of the ice cave is known by local residents. The population is believed that the ice cave was the entrance to hell, so they are reluctant to explore it.

A speleologist from Salzburg named Alexander von Mork led an expedition to the Eisriesenwelt in 1912. After that a growing number of other explorers came to the ice caves. Then a special cabin cruiser was established in the first route up the mountain in 1920. Along with the popularity of this cave built another cottage and about 200 thousand tourists visit the Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt.

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