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Enjoy the Solar Eclipse “2016” Over Cruise, Interested?

Solar Eclipse 2016 Over Cruise

Indonesia will be the path of a cruise ship of France origin and is considered one of the most desirable tourists in 2016. Because cruise ships are offering tour packages to enjoy the Solar Eclipse (GMT) for the tourists.

Reporting from The Telegraph, travel packages yacht while looking GMT will pass through the territory of Indonesia on March 9, 2016. The position of the yacht Ponant named Le Soleal will sail from islands in Indonesia namely Ternate and Tidore to Bunaken Marine Park. The French-owned yacht will only take passengers as many as 264 people and become a very rare opportunity to see the darkness at noon.

Meanwhile, the GMT will begin at 10:00 am and lasted for 249 seconds. The price offered to enjoy a cruise tour package was worth 4,360 euros per person and will depart on March 4, 2015.

Yacht travel trends today, there is a special request for a yacht trip with special themes rating as the Olympics, the championship formula one, to travel St. Petersburg during the World Cup 2018. The tour packages that have not been sold but if it has been released, it is likely to be rapidly sold out.

Besides journey through Indonesia, there are nine cruise ships that tour package is considered the most desirable tourists, although not yet released for sale. Tour packages such as towards Lisbon and Cadiz on July 2016 in order to celebrate 60 years Tall Ship Race that started in 1956.

Enjoy the Solar Eclipse "2016" Over CruiseAnother trip is considered attractive to tourists as the cruise line from Dublin to Reykjavík with the activities offered like seeing whales in Greenland, kayaking in the middle of the iceberg, and also see the glacier. Eight-day voyage from Antwerp, Belgium to the Netherlands are also included in the list of 10 cruise ships that tour package will be attractive.

These routes cruise ships such as the South China Sea and Japan in 2017, these South America (the venue for the 2016 Olympics), the Buenos Aires to Brasil to see the parade and carnival party in the world, the UK to Ireland for a taste contest Port Holy Lonch, sailing on the Salween River (Burma) for 8 days, shipping routes classical music in Germany, the cruise with fashion week held aboard a cruise from Southampton to New York, and cruise towards the Monaco Grand Prix venue.

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