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Etihad Airways Ticket Selling World’s Most Expensive

Etihad Airways Ticket Selling World's Most Expensive

Airline Ratings, a rating site international airlines Air New Zealand crowned as the Best World Airlines in 2016 to snatch Airline Excellence Awards. But for the most luxurious and expensive affair, winner Etihad Airways.

Airline companies the United Arab Emirates issued the most expensive tickets in the world. For the New York-Mumbai, India, passengers must reach deep money worth USD38 thousand for a single trip.

Citing the Daily Mail, Sunday (08/05/2016), said that for commuting route and all transit in Abu Dhabi, the ticket price reaches USD76.

But you are interested do not have to feel the loss. Because the airline whose name is embedded in jersey Manchester City, presents an exclusive facility called The Residence.

The Residence consists of a three-room penthouse with facilities private butler, chef and nannies. In addition there is a living room, bedroom, and bathroom in it.

For the living room, flat-panel televisions by 32 inches, leather sofa and dining table. Leading to the bedrooms there is a soft bed with fine linens from Italy and a 27-inch television. Well, for those of you who want to preen, available bathroom, grooming and can dry the hair.

And you can use these facilities as much, because the trip from JFK International Airport, New York towards Chhatrapati Shivaji in Mumbai takes 19-21 hours. The duration of the trip will certainly make passengers feel bored, so Etihad menyiasatinya with luxury amenities.

For those of you who want to taste this sensation, can purchase tickets through the exclusive service. Special driver will serve you from and to the airport, check-in separate from the other passengers, enjoy a private lounge and butler service.

Special tickets are available exclusively on the Airbus A380-800. This jumbo size aircraft has a capacity of 500 passengers and space for 451 passengers in economy class.

As the only one that provides luxurious facilities, Etihad will develop The Residence for these flights London-Melbourne, Australia, on June 1.

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