Explore Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hometown, Madeira Portugal

Forget the bad incident about Ronaldo’s statue that happen at last month. In Madeira, many of interest which awesome to explore. Nature, souvenir, adventure up to food, all of about Madeira is cool! If want to visit there, let’s explore this Cristiano Ronaldo’s hometown, Madeira, Portugal.

DRAMATIC SCENERY OF FUNCHAL. When you get off from the ship, landscape beautiful scenery will make your eyes fresh. In here you can see the edge being dense populated area, sometimes this scenery frame with rainbow after rain. The flowers that grew on edge parts, blowing by fresh wind. Main road side by side edge and inhabitant’s garden provide the colourful scenery of flower. Usually, tourist that visit Madeira to explore Funchal first, then go to Monte, a high-plain that for the time being a resort for rich class. Many places that can you visit in Monte. One of them is Nossa Senhora do Monte, the church that being a sacred place to Catolic clan.

Traditional basket toboggans from Monte to Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.
Traditional basket toboggans from Monte to Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Return from Monte to Funchal, don’t think about cable car. You must feeling sensation of Toboggan, the big basket made by wood that you can sit. This transportation move by pushing from two people in Uniform and wearing straw hat. Only in Madeira you can feeling go down the edge with speed 48 kilometres/hours.

TREKKING STONE TUNNEL. In Madeira, lands that has good climate and temperature to farm irrigate by Levadas, the irrigation canal that can being trekking track. For nature fans, Levada do Caldeirao is the nice track. Along the track that spread out 6,5 kilometres and high reach 900 metres on the sea surface, you will pass five of stone tunnel.

Levadas trekking track.
Levadas trekking track.

Trekking be able to continued to Levada Caldeirao do Inferno that bring you reach the high 1000 metres on the sea surface. This trekking will ended with scenery of Caldeirao Verde waterfall that beautiful indeed. For beginner, better choice the safety trekking as go along the Levada do Canical that has distance 11 metres and no extreme. Along the track you cand find the scenery of oaks.

WINE AND BORDADO. Madeira is the famous place for the best wine. Did you wine from Madeira? It is so high quality wine! The history telling, formely, the selling must to across the ocean for carry wine. For avoid the ravage, they mix brandy into each bottle. Along the way that spend many months, the blend wine affected by sunshine, then produce taste and tekstur that now being special feature wine from Madeira. Now, you can visit center of Funchal to tasting wine at Brandy’s Winery, the storage wine that offer Madeiran wine tasting experience.

Bordado clothes.

Before you come back home, remember to buy souvenir. Bordado is the right choice. This is a special handmade from Madeira, a kind of bordir embroider that made with variant of pattern and size. Clothes for women, handkerchief, table cloth and bedsheet with bordado pattern suitable for souvenir.

SPECIAL FOOD. While you visit the country, that is no perfect without you tasting the special food from there. Madeira has much culinary. Beef dishes that delicious are picado and espetada, for pastry you must taste pasteis de nata. Or you want to taste the fresh drink? You must get poncha.

– Espetada. This is one kind of satay. Beef, pork or squid baked with vegetable as onion and paprika. Flavor with pepper and onion.

Special food Madeira
Special food Madeira

– Pasteis de nata. Similar with chinese egg tart, but pasteis de nata use the puff pastry for dough, not pie crust as chinese egg tart. Sweet, soft and delicious.

– Poncha. This is traditional drink from Madeira, a kind of cocktail. Made with white brandy, mix with sugar cane, honey and lemon juice. Let’s explore the fresh and awesome of Madeira, Traveller!

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