Fairy tale Journey in England – Beautiful Little Town Recommendations

The Costwolds - Castle Combe

When it comes to England, this country has it own perks of being a place with so much history and natural wonder. Besides that there are a lot of places you could visit in England and so many options of travel plan based on personal interest. However, for you who are currently looking for an inspiration for your UK travel plan perhaps visiting some towns that look like a setting from a fairy tale book sounds like a perfect idea. Below is the recommendations for your fairy tale journey in England.

Harrogate – North Yorkshire

When it comes to pretty town and then Harrogate is on the top of the list. The combination of beautiful surrounding and remarkable architectural building all over the towns are the reasons why this town is becoming one of the town mostly visited in England. However, the main reason why tourist prefer to visit this town is due to its tradition as spa town. So, don’t miss the delight from Turkish baths and drink the sulfurous spring water.

Victoria Shopping Center - Harrogate

Victoria Shopping Center – Harrogate

Woodstock – Oxfordshire

Do you know that Woodstock is the birthplace of Winston Churchill? It means that Woodstock is one of the town in England that is not only beautiful but also rich of history. Furthermore, Woodstock is also the town where Blenheim Palace is located. If you are looking for a calm town to end your exploration and then Woodstock is your town because there are so many options of cozy restaurants, bars and cafes for you to relax.



Castle Combe – Wiltshire

Don’t be surprise if you are exploring this pretty town and see a horse strolling on the cobblestone street. Well, some of you may be thinking that somehow you are just entering the time machine and getting back to the medieval era. Actually, river that is running through the center of the town while in both sides houses in Victorian styles are standing proudly as what you have been reading from Jane Austen’s book.

The Costwolds - Castle Combe

The Costwolds – Castle Combe

Ludlow – Shropshire

You must have realized that almost every town and city in England has its own signature castle and signature street and Ludlow is not the exception. The main reason why many tourists are visiting this little town is Broad Street Ludlow where you could see the row of Tudor building with impressive design and of course so rich of historical value.

Broad Street Ludlow

Broad Street Ludlow

Padstow – Cornwall

Padstow is so typical of harbor town but as the most visited seaside town in England you must be wondering as typical as it is why there are so many tourists are decided to put this little town to their itinerary? Actually, if you love history this place is actually where you could find Prideaux Place, the oldest house in Cornwall and the residences of Elizabethan. If you are visiting this town on May and October, their garden is totally worth a visit.



Thame – Oxfordshire

The main attraction of this little town is a street called Lower High Street. Just typical of small town this street is like a center of marketplaces but unlike the other small town, this market is offering almost everything from families that have been in the same street from a very long time. So, don’t be surprised if you are finding shop that is offering bookbinders, blacksmiths, backers and even traditional butchers. Perhaps, if you were visiting this street 50 years ago the setting and atmosphere is probably the same as now.

Lower High Street - Thame

Lower High Street – Thame

In summary, England is everything about historical sites, architectural building with a bunch of famous people from politicians up to writers’ names stamp all over the walls. Just one thing you should remember about England is their people is tend to be eccentric and the weather is mostly suck.

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