France, show Thin-bodied model that can Jailed

Model France

The New Law set of business and industry fashion model photo French parliament passed last week. Now, the police and the government must keep an eye on the mannequin who waddle in exhibition fashion.

One of the unique rules in a regulation that is the prohibition of employing women modeling company too thin. “A Model are required to include a doctor’s certificate that shows they are able to do his job,” as quoted from the rule, which is reported by the BBC, Friday (25/12/2015).

The controversial law was already addressed the parliament since the beginning of this year. Clothing industry over the last three decades prefers skinny models. Impact, many models would not eat or anorexia (regurgitating of food) in order to obtain the ideal body weight.

From the French Health Ministry data, there are an estimated 40 thousand people with anorexia, 90 percent of them are women. The majority of that number is believed to work in the fashion industry.

If there are companies, fashion designers, model agencies require employees or underweight, the French government could impose criminal sanctions. The most severe punishment is imprisonment of six months or a fine of USD 81 thousand.

Beleid it also set the minimum weight that must be possessed of a model, which is in the range of the Body Mass Index (BMI) 18. Model Agency Association in France reject the law, but the parliament is adamant talk him.

France was not the only country that regulate body weight of a model on health grounds. Spain, Italy, and Israel had already passed a regulation similar.



  1. Susan

    December 26, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    This is an interesting article, but there are a few errors in the English. At first, I thought the word mannequin was used figuratively for the thin bodies, but after reading it completely, I don’t think that’s your meaning. We use the term “model” for a person who models clothing for a living. A mannequin is a clothes dummy, a plastic or wooden human figure used to model clothes in stores. They aren’t interchangeable, but we might use the word “mannequin” figuratively to describe a person.

    • loper

      December 27, 2015 at 7:28 pm

      thanks for the correction, it will help us improve the quality of news that we provide. please do not hesitate to give us input to be better.

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