Garden By The Bay, While Technology and Nature Chime

Set in heart of city, Garden By The Bay being the famous destination place while the tourist visit Singapore. The technology and nature chime at there. Used as habitation of milions of plants, not to be that place just fresh, but also awesome and modern. Has a dome structure make this garden different. Many of technology exist there chime perfect with fresh nature. Do you like the nature and also the technology? Please visit this garden. What are awesome things that will you find when visit there? Check this out!


FLOWER DOME. The dome that has saving beautiful flowers from many countries. In here, you will see any plants from Australia, America, Afrika and other grew with thrive. At special moment, Flower Dome arrange the exhibition as Tulip Exhibition, Orchid Exhibition, etc. Anytime the decoration or variant of flowers changed suitable with theme.


CLOUD FOREST. Enjoy the artifical waterfalls and tropical atmosphere. You have two ways to reach top. First, you can using the evelator or just walking on the circle street that surround the waterfall. Try the could walk and you can see Marina Bay from there. At top, you will to find a wonderful scenery that you seeing ever not yet.


SUPERTREE. Make sure you take a photo while you at there. Many of the giant trees that made by iron. The high of giant trees are reach to 25-50 metres. That tree are not accessory only. The trees it also function for intercept and regain rain and as sun energy source. There also exist OCBC Skyway, the bridge that connected two of giant tree. At night, Supertree Grove will more beautiful with lamps and music.


HERITAGE GARDEN. You can learn to know history and benefit from chinese plants, Malay Plants and other plants that grew and spread in Singapore.


DRAGON FLY AND KINGFISHER LAKES. Can you imagine how your feel while enjoy the voice of water and insect are chime? It is so calm and fresh indeed. Just walking on the Dragon Fly and Kingfisher Lakes, feel that. The scenery also suitable to take a photo.


CHILDREN’S GARDEN. Do you have plan to visit there with children? It is the fun place for them. The children will happy playing at house’s tree, hang’s bridge and water tunnel. They can playing contentedly without pay for ticket. Free for fun!


SUN PAVILLION. Did you seen a giant cactus? In Sun Pavillion, you can find many kind of cactus from many countries with enjoy the sunshine that warming your body. There exist a thousand of cactus, with sunshine, feel the sensation like at wasteland.


THE WORLD OF PLANTS. Beside touring, in Garden By The Bay you will get increase the knowledge. Many kind of plants that can you learning for know how they get adaptation. After you visit The World Of Plants, you can very want to take care of plants. That will interesting for you.


BAY EAST GARDEN. Beautiful pavillion, fertile plan and coconut trees that blowing by fresh wind. There is suitable place if you want to enjoy the scenery while relaxing appear the Marina Bay. As the cleanest country, you can to enjoy air on Singapore that fresh at there. You be able to jogging, cycling, or just walking at there. For visit Bay East Garden, you get free, not pay. The ticket to entered conservatory as Flower Dome and Cloud Forest better if you buy formely to avoid the queue. You can buy by online.


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