Glagah Beach – Indonesia

Glagah Beach - Indonesia

Laguna long enough captivating become one of the hallmarks beach located on the estuary of the River Serang, Temon, Kulon Progo. The location is about 40 kilometers west of Yogyakarta or two kilometers from the main road across the south. Post-made dikes or known by the name “sea wall”, visitors who have been to the lagoon can walk southwards to reach the mouth of the sea.

However, you should be careful because the waves were pretty big at times can hit the embankment and water will fly everywhere.

For visitors who are willing fresh wet, surely this would be an amazing sensation. You can also enjoy the beauty of the sea from close range to make the adrenaline racing. Do not forget to always comply with existing regulations. Search And Rescue team at any time can warn you because the south coast is quite dangerous. 

Glagah Beautiful indeed have a different charm. The most appropriate time for a vacation in this place is during the weekends. Many tourists who visit to enjoy the beauty of the Glagah. The atmosphere was very different when a normal day. Do not miss enjoying fruits like melon and watermelon are excellent local farmers. 

In addition to the beautiful coastal scenery, Glagah also has various beach tourism facilities. One is the area of motocross that is located right on the beach with an area big enough, give you satisfaction for fans of this sport. Meanwhile, the paved road that connects the Glagah with other beaches can be used as a sports arena beach bikes. 

You can even enjoy the agro-tourism facility by visiting the plantation Kusumo beach Wanadri. There, you can observe the process of cultivating a variety of crops panaceas, such as dragon fruit and flower Roselle. Additionally, you can also hire gethek, canoes and rowing duck that can be used for a tour along the lagoon or just cross over the wooden bridge to the sand dune area at the seaside.

Tired of walking around, you can rest in the huts sitting on the floor in the area of plantation area Kusumo Wanadri. A number of exotic food and drink menu worth trying. You can taste refreshing dragon fruit juice and is known to cure a variety of diseases or order Roselle flower syrup that is able to quench your thirst at once neutralize a variety of toxins in the body.

 To enjoy the overall beauty of the scenery Glagah, you can run across two alternative roads. First, running south through the streets of Bantul and turn right into the path of Bantul-Purworejo after arriving in Palbapang. Second, walk west past the roadway Yogyakarta-Wates-Purworejo and turn left after the encounter signpost to Glagah Beach. You can use a personal vehicle for easier access.

The trip to the beach is not as difficult as the journey to the coast in the area of Gunung Kidul. The roads are impassable tend to be flat and not much incline so you can take it while relaxing. Trajectory toward the Purworejo city also connects Glagah with other beaches in Kulon Progo. Thus, once the rowing scull, two birds, you can visit the beach.

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