Guide List to Explore Disneyland Hong Kong

Do you have plan to visit Disneyland Hong Kong? This playground constructed by Walt Disney Company in 2005. Disneyland Hong Kong has many kind of vehicles that spreaded on wide area. So, if you never been go there, make sure you have own the guidelist to explore Disneyland Hong Kong.


1. Because Hong Kong has any extreme weather, the right time for visiting Disneyland Hong Kong is in October to March. You need weather’s clean to get explore all of the vehicles.


2. In special days as Christmas and New Year, Disneyland Hongkong will provide special performance. If possible please come on neared of that special days because Disneyland Hongkong will prepare indeed to doing are wonderful performance for visitors in neared of special days.


3. Don’t through the awesome sensation while you escalade the MRT of Disney. MRT Disney staked of special unique from Disney. It will be your beautiful experience.


4. If possible better you buy ticket by online to avoid the long queue while you want to entered Disneyland Hongkong. Find the right website which sell Disneyland Hongkong’s tickets. If you are lucky, you be able to get discount or promotion that held of the website that you visit.


5. Another lucky is if you come early and can see watching the opening ceremony that being morning tradition in Disneyland Hongkong. Usually, Disneyland Hongkong will choice the visitors by random to bring they take part an opening ceremony with Minnie Mouse and another characters of Disney. This ceremony held before all of visitors entered the Disneyland Hongkong area.


6. Because the vehicles are various, better you choice the famous vehicle like Grizzly Gulch, Migtic Point, Toy Story Land, Tomorrow Land or Fantasy Land. If you have more time, explore the another vehicles. Disneyland Hongkong open started from 9 am – 8 pm at weekdays and 9 am – 5 pm on the weekends. So, using your time to enjoy the best vehicles first.


7. It is better for you known first what the vehicles that you wanna try before you come to Disneyland to economized the time. You can get information about vehicles from internet.


8. Get the Disneyland Hongkong’s map if possible. Usually the map laded the locations of vehicle and the schedule of many show.


9. No permit for visitors to carry food and drink while enter Disneyland Hongkong. But don’t worry, because in vehicle area be found many of restaurant or cafe. Chinese food, western food, until the stand of snacks exist here.


10. At 3 pm, the parade of Disneyland Hongkong will be present. Prepare to choice the best spot to watching this parade because it will be very awesome. The parade will starting from in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle to main road, then slue to Tomorrow Land area.


11. At 8 pm, you must choice once more the best spot to full enjoying the firework. The best spot is in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Come one hour before firework is starting, because usually many of visitors will also choice the similar spot.


12. Dont forget to buy many of souvenir for remembrances. There are many shop that sell the cute souvenir special from Disney.

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