Guide to Your Amazing Journey in Istanbul

Istanbul - Balat

Istanbul through history is best known as Constantinople and the center of culture, economic and historic center of Turkey. So, whatever you want to know about Turkey could be found in this populous city. During Roman and Byzantine eras, this city is rich of Christianity’s culture until Ottoman Empire took over the city in 1453, this city is transformed into Islamic center. So, today you could find how Christianity and Islamic cultures were perfectly collided through customs and architectures. Below is the guide for your amazing journey in Istanbul for the best experience of Turkey’s largest city.

Exploring the Art of Istanbul

The modern of Istanbul is where you could see the modern arts are collided beautifully and harmonically with the historical surroundings. There are a lot of museums, art galleries and libraries you could visit in Istanbul to learn about the modern arts in Istanbul Modern where you could find the collection of contemporary arts not only from local artists but also international. For you who love paintings and sculpture you could visit The Museum of Painting and Sculpture where the works of Turkish artist from 19th and 20th century were displayed. For you who are eager to learn about the history of Istanbul, don’t miss Salt Galata where in the same places, you could find the exhibitions places, art galleries, library as well as cafe and bookstore.

Istanbul - Istanbul Modern

Istanbul – Istanbul Modern

Journey to the Historic Neighborhood

Have you ever heard about Balat? Balat is a neighborhood in Istanbul you should explore because this location is not only Instagramable for your IG but the colorful neighborhood is rich of history. In this neighborhood you could learn about Istanbul as Christian city since this neighborhood once was belong to bourgeois Greek Orthodox families, so in this area, it is a common sight to see some historic churches are standing stall from Church of St. George up to the St. Stephen Bulgarian Church which located by the waterside.

Istanbul - Balat

Istanbul – Balat

From Balat and then you could visit Zeyrek Mosque where the beautiful structure in pale rose-colored once was the Orthodox Church and chapel. This mosque is one of the largest religious building remains built by the Byzantines and after the fall of Constantinople, Zeyrek was turned into a mosque.

Istanbul- Zerex Mosque

Istanbul- Zerex Mosque

Meet the Locals which Part of the City Souls

Don’t be surprise when you visit Istanbul and you are welcomed by the stray cats because they are the true locals and the city souls of Istanbul. For cat lovers, surely it is a fascinating experience to see cats are wandering the street of Istanbul. How it could possibly happen? The story was started way back in the Ottoman era where cats brought to the city to deal with the mice problem. Since then, cats were respected as the city guard.

Istanbul - Cat the City Guard

Istanbul – Cat the City Guard

Bosphorus Cruise for the Best Istanbul Experience

Looking for something to do differently while you are in Istanbul, why don’t you try to take a board in Bosphorus Cruise? It is probably the best thing you could do to explore Istanbul from different point of view. There are a lot of options of ferries and boats you could use for the sightseeing.

Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise

Istanbul – Bosphorus Cruise

Istanbul is also well known as Turkey’s capital city of culture but don’t be mistaken it as the capital city of Turkey. However, it is unquestionable that this city will charm you better than any cities you could find in Turkey. Just making sure that your journey in Istanbul is memorable by visiting the right places at the right time and experience the best of this city could offer.

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