Harlem Beach; Heaven Hidden Beauty in Nature Papua

harlem beach papua indonesia

Jayapura is known to have many beaches are so beautiful, ranging from Beach Base-G, Hamadi Beach, and several others. However, there is one more beach known for its beauty, this beach called Harlem Beach. That said, the beach is the prettiest Harlem Beach owned Jayapura. The journey starts from Jayapura city to the village Tablanusu, in Depapre district, Jayapura district with a travel time of about 2 hours. To arrive at the Harlem Beach, from the pretty village of Tablanusu that this journey must continue by motor boat for about 30 minutes. The boat will sail through a small area of the Pacific Ocean until the boat will lean in Harlem beautiful beach.

The beauty of the Harlem Beach seemed to have no end. Beginning with a welcome sea water is so clear and appropriate graded depths, Harlem beach brings up a beautiful natural expanse of soft white sand. Not to mention the natural trees that shade the background of the Harlem Beach, enhance the beauty of the beach is often called a hidden paradise in Papua.

The situation in Harlem beach is very quiet. The small village located in the coastal areas is only contain approximately 50 people and to reach this beach on the ground is extremely difficult, given the road that can only be traversed by foot between the dense forests of Papua. This condition makes the Harlem beach became a deserted beach and very quiet. However, it is precisely because this calmness, Harlem beach its charm in the eyes of the tourists. Those who come to the beach is generally indeed seek peace in an atmosphere of calm owned Harlem.

Slightly shifted from the shoreline into the woods, Harlem beach has a freshwater pool. Conditions such areas is a condition that is very unique and is not necessarily found in other beaches. A beach with the salty sea water immediately adjacent to a fresh water pool which did not taste salty, this is another thing that makes the Harlem beach more special than the other beaches. In fact, tourists who visit the beach often rinsed off in the freshwater pool after the water content to play in the sea.

The longer is in Harlem beach, it is increasingly difficult for us to leave. Harlem beach has exceptional charm, especially when the sun sets on the western horizon. Breezy wind that blows will be the perfect companion while enjoying the setting of the king afternoon. The scenery will be even more perfect when silhouettes of children playing on a simple swing into the foreground of the procession of the sinking sun. When this happened, then there would undoubtedly Harlem Beach is a hidden paradise pretty in nature Papua.

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