Holiday Tips in Lengkuas Island – Bangka Belitung

Holiday Tips in Lengkuas Island - Bangka Belitung

Traveled to Bangka Belitung, is never boring. Besides the beauty of the amazing marine can also see the lighthouse from the Dutch and can perform activities of snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Kepaulauan which has many islands that can be visited. One that can be visited while in Belitung is Lengkuas. Being in Sijuk, Belitung, Bangka Belitung province, the island is relatively small with an area of ​​less than 1 hectare.

On this island stands a lighthouse built by the Dutch in 1882. Up to now, the lighthouse still serves as a guiding traffic passing ships as well as in and out of the island of Belitung.

There are at least five tips that visit the island of Galangal, as quoted by page:

First, tourists can climb the lighthouse elevation of approximately 50 meters. Before reaching the summit, you will be forced to go through hundreds of stairs. From the top of the lighthouse, tourists can see the blue sea with views of small islands and rocks of granite which extend from all sides (360 degrees).

Second, tired of playing in the lighthouse, try to swim in the clear blue sea. You can relax on the seafront and in the middle of the granitic rocks. The waters around the island Lengkuas tend to be calm because it is located between the islands. In addition, near the granite rocks, visitors can relax in a pond formed by sea water entering through between the stones.

Third, messing around on the beach is not complete without a picture. The sea in Belitung known to have rocks of granite with various sizes. Of course, the rocks could be an interesting place to take pictures. If you want to take pictures in the granite rocks on the island of Galangal, note every footstep. Galangal island is an island that is often packed with tourists and many who also want to take pictures in the rocks of granite.

Fourth, after the tired playing around water and take pictures, it’s time to enjoy coconuts available in the stalls Lengkuas. Travelers can sip coconut water and of course, eating the flesh of the coconut. Coconut grain prices offered at a price of 2 USD.

Kelimpa, to keep in mind when traveling to Lengkuas and visit other tourist resorts, dispose of waste in place. Another thing that can be done is to bring trash bags to enter personal garbage brought.

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