Indonesia Koi Show & Variety Expo 2015

Indonesia Koi Show & Variety Expo

Indonesian Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City embrace Koi Lovers Association of Indonesia (APKI) presents an exhibition at the same time the best Koi fish contest in Indonesia “All Indonesia Koi Variety Show & Expo 2015”.

Event which will take place on 12-13 December 2015 in Hall 10 ICE BSD City Serpong, South Tangerang contest a race filled with Koi fish as the main activities and exhibitions, bazaars and auctions.

Not only that, the same opportunity will also be held Exhibitor Variety Expo open to the public from a wide variety of businesses, such as Property, Culinary, Fashion, Art, Health, Hobbies, Landscape to Technology

All Indonesia Koi Variety Show & Expo 2015 “is open to the public, both visitors, participants, fans, observers, merchants, or Koi fish farmers of various regions in the country. There are 17 (seventeen) types of Koi best diperlombakan, either Gosanke or Non Gosanke.

Koi fish are reared a Koi fish species imported from Japan and grown maintain Koi fish either local or imported species.

Implementation of the 12th All Indonesia Koi Show 2015 show a continuation of activities, having successfully held Koi Show before.

This show is planned is an annual event Koi Lovers Association of Indonesia (APKI), as a platform to strengthen the unity and friendship among Koi lovers in Indonesia, both hobbyists, breeders and dealers. This time Tangerang Koi Club designated as the host.

All Indonesia Koi Variety Show & Expo 2015, is also a competition of superior quality Koi fish that is eagerly awaited by hobbyists in the homeland. In addition to the contest, there will be an exhibition interesting and diverse other events in the event this time. The material is exhibited throughout the Koi fish that follow the race, especially those that won the championship.

The exhibition is aimed at visitors (general), which does not follow the race, especially those not yet have a Koi fish that are interested in having and loving Koi fish. In addition to the contest and the exhibition, the organizers provide booths for entrepreneurs or Koi fish producers and / or all the products necessary to maintain Koi.

This event was held with the purpose of attracting and developing the public interest in terms of cultivating Koi, introducing superior potency and increase Koi marketing to various regions in Indonesia.

Not only that, it is hoped the public and Koi hobbyists can build friendship and promote unity, especially among farmers, traders, custodians and observers Koi.

Not only the Koi lovers who can enjoy this exhibition, visitors can enjoy the common culinary culinary noodles and many other kinds that are served through the food truck that was in the hall around 10,

Even for lovers of art, there will be various types of paintings you can collection, health products from Osim, Shaga and dyson.

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