Indonesian Coffee Flavor is Distinctive to Attract Attention and Loved

Indonesian coffee flavor is distinctive to attract attention and loved

Indonesian coffee flavor is distinctive to attract attention and loved by the British people who come in the London Coffee Festival (LCF), which was held at the Old Truman Brewery, London, this weekend.

Since organized in 2011, participants and visitors of London Coffee Festival (LCF) continued to increase, estimated at more than 35 thousand people visited the festival, or nearly 9,000 people a day.

According to Managing Economic Function Embassy in London Hastin dumadi, there were 200 small to large companies participating in the Festival, such as Starbucks, Illy, Lavazza to small and medium enterprises as Altwien, Novell selling of robusta coffee from Sumatra, Coffee Monger selling arabica coffee from Java East.

Festival this year, some companies roasters other, there is also a Cafe Pod selling coffee from the area around Lake Laut Tawar, and Extract Coffee Roasters import coffee from various regions of Indonesia, Peros who buy coffee from Sumatra, Matthew Algie who buy coffee from Sulawesi.

In addition to the exhibition for the type of coffee robusta and arabica, some companies sell coffee beverage processing machines and also glasses and an apron for the barista coffee.

From the observation Implementing Economic Function Embassy in London Hastin dumadi, the average company roasters of coffee that sells coffee Indonesia at the exhibition in the form of seeds toasted (roasted beans), but some are in the form of a capsule to be inserted into the machine processing of coffee as sold companies CafePod ,

Lara Hunter-Rodwell of Peros which is part of a large coffee company Bewleys mention buyers for coffee from Indonesia such as Sumatra as well quite well and continues to increase.

Ashley Quinn of Extract Coffee Roasters mention in particular the demand for coffee arabica coffee from Indonesia rising trend, but the company sometimes experience difficulty in obtaining stable supply of coffee from Indonesia.

The same thing also disclosed Novell company that since the beginning of this year has not been selling coffee from Indonesia, because they do not get supplies.

Brooke and Tarek El Khazindar, the owner of the company’s many Monger Coffee arabica coffees sold under the name “Mercator – Java” saying with increasing interest from the British public drinking coffee, the company wants to increase imports of coffee from Indonesia is considered to have a distinctive flavor.

In addition to coffee from Indonesia, some other coffee sold in the exhibition are coffees that come from Latin American countries including Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and from Africa, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Indonesia’s coffee production is quite fluctuating. In 2014 Indonesia is a coffee producing countries to the 4th largest in the world after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. Indonesia averaged 31 percent of Indonesia’s coffee exports are to Europe.

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