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Ireland’s Old and Ancient Castles that Have Been Converted into Luxury Hotels and Residences

Luxury Hotels Ireland Castle - Waterford Castle

Europe is the land of castles. Old, antique, ancient castles could be found in almost every country in Europe and Ireland is one on the top list. Unlike the other castles you’ve visited, most of them are available for tourist to visit and explore but perhaps only in Ireland you have a wide option of castles that are not only able to be visited but you could stay in for a night or more. Well, surely you would take the chance of living in a castle, even only one night. Below are some recommendations of castles that have been turned into luxury hotels and resorts or for you who prefer a private residence, some are also offered for you to rent.

Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort

Location: The Island, Ballinakill, Waterford

Accommodations: Standard Rooms Available to Stay

Waterford Castle is probably one of the oldest castle in Ireland which once found by the Vikings in the 10th century but now has been converted into luxury hotel and golf resort.

Ireland Castle - Waterford Castle

Ireland Castle – Waterford Castle

Hatch’s Castle

Location: Market Street, Cappocksgreen, Ardee, County Louth

Accommodations: Rooms to Rent via Airbnb with rate started from 69/night

Hatch’s Castle belongs to the Hatch Family which root could be traced back to the 14th century. The unique thing about this castle is the old and ancient vibe of the castle is blending perfectly to the modern surrounding.

Ireland Castle - Hatch Castle

Ireland Castle – Hatch Castle

Adare Manor Hotel

Location: Adare, County Limeric

Accommodations: Rooms and Service with Five Stars Luxury Hotel Standard

The best about this hotel is not the service or the five stars luxury hotel standard accommodation but much more to the neo-Gothic style of the hotel. This castle was built in 19th century, the combination of history, old castle and Gothic architecture will give you all the vibes you need for luxury vacation.

Ireland Castle - Adaree Manor

Ireland Castle – Adaree Manor

Bartra Martello Tower

Location: 2 Harbour Road, Dalkey, Co.Dublin

Accommodations: Luxury Residence to Rent with rate started from 449/night

Bartra Martello Tower is more than just a castle, it is actually a castle fort. So, for you who love the sea view, this tower is a perfect weekend gateway with your loved one because if you’re staying in the room by the rooftop, the spectacular Dublin Bay is the one that will welcome you.

Ireland Castle - Bartra Martello Tower

Ireland Castle – Bartra Martello Tower

Trim Castle Hotel

Location: Castle Street, Trim, County Meath

Accommodations: Next Door Hotel with Five Stars Hotel Standard

Trim Castle is the biggest Norman castle in the entire country. However, you cannot stay in the castle but you don’t need to worry, the next door hotel is a five stars hotel that will accommodate you with the best service and spectacular view with the castle as the main scene.

Ireland Castle - Trim Castle

Ireland Castle – Trim Castle

Helen’s Tower

Location: Newtownards, Newtownards BT23 4RX

Accommodations: The Tower as Luxury Residence to Rent with Rate started from 370/3 nights

This tower was once designed by William Burn, a Scottish architect and finished in 1861. So, yes this tower is luxury, the tower is old and ancient and the tower is also able to make your dream of staying in a castle comes true.

Ireland Castle - Helen’s Tower

Ireland Castle – Helen’s Tower

Lough Cutra Castle

Location: Lough Cutra Demesne, Gort, County Galway

Accommodations: Luxury Residence to Rent that could accommodate max 40 guests

Do you know that the man who designed this castle was the same man who designed Buckingham Palace? So, it is not a surprise if you see the guest list of this castle and Prince Charles is one of the former guest of this luxury residence.

Ireland Castle - Lough Cutra Castle

Ireland Castle – Lough Cutra Castle

If you have a dream to live in a castle and then those seven castles will make your dream comes true. Furthermore, you would never know perhaps there is a prince or princess who lives nearby.

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