Jimi Hendrix Museum Opened for Travelers in 2016

jimi hendrix museum

House musician Jimi Hendrix in London into a museum and is open for tourists began on February 10, 2016. Flat number 23 Brook Street, in the heart of Mayfair in central London, was renovated at a cost of £ 2.4 million and assisted the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as donor private.

Hendrix bought a flat on the third floor was in 1968 when he was considering a new stage of his career. At that time he also released the album Electric Ladyland. Museum tickets will go on sale on November 2 last. Jimi Hendrix Museum

The flat is located in the same row with the home-born German composer, George Frideric Handel, who lived at number 25 Brook Street for 26 years and menandaii place in composing most of the major works, including Messiah.

Second place is owned Handel House Trust who previously used flat Hendrix as an office and only occasionally open to the public.

jimi hendrix museum

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Leadership foundation, Alistair Stranack, saying, “It is hard to think of another place to live in a world full of genius the world of music”. Jimi Hendrix Museum

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