Lisbon: 7 Local Customs that Only Lisboetas Know

Sometimes tourists thought that as long as they could speak the local language and then they could pose as a local. Well, don’t flatter yourself if you’re in Lisbon. No matter how fluent your Portuguese is there are customs that not every tourist could understand. Lisbon people are best known as Lisboetas are having some customs that only local could relate. To understand more of being a Lisboetas perhaps some local customs below could guide you to be more like a local.

  1. Don’t Eat Dinner Before 7 p.m

Why? Because Lisboetas won’t touch their dinner until 7 p.m. If you are currently in a diet program that doesn’t allow you to eat after 7 p.m and then you cannot call yourself a Lisboetas. Dinner for them always after 7 p.m, before that time everything are considered as snacking. Furthermore, Lisboetas know really well about their foods and they love them so dinner for them is never in a rush.

Tascas are Where the Locals Eat

Tascas are Where the Locals Eat

  1. Don’t Eat Pricey in Restaurants

Don’t be surprised if Lisboetas are looking for the menu first before they decided to sit and order. If they think the menu is too pricey, they don’t mind leaving the restaurant. In Lisbon, good foods doesn’t always equal with high price. They prefer to eat in tascas or small restaurant which is offering traditional food in good taste with good music and offered in reasonably good price. Lisboetas won’t pay foods with price more than €10.

  1. During Summer, Enjoy A Glass of Beer with A Plate of Cooked Snails

If you’re not so into snails, perhaps you should embrace yourself of being a tourist instead of posing as a local. Because eating snails with a beer during summer is what Lisboetas do with their friends and family. Since it is one of the Libson favorite and shouldn’t be missed during summer time.

Lisbon Favorite Snails and Beers

Lisbon Favorite Snails and Beers

  1. Don’t Wear Hills While in Lisbon

Even as a tourist, people tend to bring their old lifestyle to the new town, especially women who seems never be able to live without their hills. Well, don’t do that while in Lisbon or you will find yourself are struggling with the hilly cobblestone streets. That’s why, locals are only wearing comfortable shoes like tennis shoes or sneakers, though some women are still using hills but just the most comfortable one.

  1. Leave Your ‘Home Girl/Boy’ Status Behind

Stay at home is never Lisboetas’ culture. The locals are well known to be out in regular basis. They spend their spare time with friends in cafes, they eat in local restaurants and if there are free times they will go hunting for music events or attending exhibitions. In other words, Lisboetas are spending most of their time outdoor, having fun and enjoying their life to the fullest. They know really well how to enjoy their life.

Lisbon Lifestyle Drinking Outside

Lisbon Lifestyle Drinking Outside

  1. Only Shopping in Flea Market

If you’re so accustomed to shop in a mall where everything is on display and then you cannot be part of Lisbon’s locals because Lisboetas are only shopping in flea market where they could find almost everything in low price. Actually, it is a good thing for tourist with tight budget but since the flea market is full of Lisboetas so you should learn how to fit yourself in the crowd.

  1. You Should Into Football

Lisboetas are Benfica or Sporting. Those are two major football teams in Portugal and since football is a big deal in this country, you should pick side.

One more thing, most of Lisboetas are so into English. That’s why if you are a tourist who eager to practice your Portuguese and then don’t be surprised if the locals are answering you in English.

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