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List of World’s Livable Cities for You to Move In

Livable City - Copenhagen, Denmark

There must be a stage in your life when you want to move to a new place and start a new life to refresh your mind and soul. For something big like moving out surely you cannot just pick a random place to stay whether it is for temporarily or permanently. Why don’t you choose a city which is not only beautiful but also livable for you to live with friendly people and neighborhood and if the city comes with relatively low expenses and then it is better. Below are some recommendations of the most livable cities in the world.

Vienna – Austria

Vienna is the capital city of Austria as well as the largest city in this country. The best thing about Vienna is not only the neighborhood which is rich of culture and history and designed in the most beautiful way with Baroque castles and Gothic style churches but this city is also the house of some international organizations like OPEC and UN. This city is best known as the city of innovation but without losing its own identity and history, such a beautiful place for you to live.

Livable City - Vienna, Austria

Livable City – Vienna, Austria

Zurich – Switzerland

If Vienna is the house of some major international organization, Zurich is where the world’s largest financial center is located. Furthermore, this city is not only large but also packed with museums, galleries, parks, theaters and even more amazing this city is leading a research toward renewal energy. So, this city is having one of the best public transportation system not only bus or train but also boat, tram and cable car. If you prefer your own transport and then this city is also friendly for the cyclist. Unfortunately, though this city is one of the livable cities in the world but also one of the most expensive city in the world.

Livable City - Zurich, Switzerland

Livable City – Zurich, Switzerland

Copenhagen – Denmark

Speaking of clean technology and then Denmark is one of the country who leads it that affects the rapid growth of economy in the country in the recent years. As the city of cyclist, this city is not only on the list of livable city in the world but probably one of the healthiest cities in the world. Furthermore, the economy condition of this country is relatively stable with easy access to education and in 2025 the country has target to be a carbon-neutral country.

Livable City - Copenhagen, Denmark

Livable City – Copenhagen, Denmark

Frankfurt – Germany

If you’re a book geek surely you know that Frankfurt is where the largest book fair was hold every year. Frankfurt is the center of almost everything in Germany from education, tourism, culture even commerce. This city is also filled with museums, educational institutions and botanical gardens. Furthermore about Frankfurt, this city also has a remarkable cycle route and 50% of the city limits are green areas which are fully protected by government.

Livable City - Frankfurt, Germany

Livable City – Frankfurt, Germany

Wellington – New Zealand

Wellington is the political center of New Zealand but also the city that has important role in New Zealand’s film industry. This city is the house of all cultural and creative industry so it is easy to find art centers, museums and tourist attractions. The best thing about Wellington is, this city is not only livable for you to live but also relatively affordable.

Livable City - Wellington, New Zealand

Livable City – Wellington, New Zealand

Have you got the vibes about which city that suits best for you to move in? Well, surely there are more factors you should consider to move to an entirely new city but at least beautiful city and healthy neighborhood are supposed to be on your top list and some recommendations above will at least give you a direction you need to make the best decision for your life.

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