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London and know the best things to do

Live, Love, London and know the best things to do

London is full of culture, class, history and over a thousand square kilometers to explore. This is why it is at the top of many travellers’ bucket list and often once visited, it is re-visited over and over again.

As a whole, London can seem large, busy and a maze of streets. However, when you break it down, borough by borough, you can see the real character of each area. From Chelsea’s oh-so-chic feel to East Ends historic market traders, every district, every road and every street in London has a story to tell.

Here is a guide for the best things to do in one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Whatever your reason for travelling to London, we have the perfect guide of this to do and places to go. Enjoy the iconic buildings, landmarks and sights that the constantly evolving city has to offer.

Things to eat

The new big thing in London is steamed Bao Buns, they are fluffy, white buns. Migrating over to Britain’s capital from Taiwan, they are now served up every night of the week in restaurants and night markets.

They are traditionally filled with braised pork, pickles, mustard and peanuts and although this filling is arguably the best, you can get a variety. It’s just as common now to find Bao’s filled with fried chicken, crab and even ice cream.

The best place to get yourself a Bao Bun in London is the dedicated restaurant in Soho called BAO. It’s often queued out of the door because of their great tasting buns. They have now also opened a second restaurant in Fitzrovia. They offer fillings of pork belly, lamb shoulder, black cod, Horlicks ice cream and the classic braised pork.

Can’t wait until you visit London? Make your own Bao Buns at home and get a taste of the big city. They are easy to make and taste amazing.

Where to go on a date

London is a city for lovers, with romantic restaurants, sophisticated cocktail bars and an array of charming experiences that are perfect for couples.

You can enjoy a candlelit dinner at Clos Maggiore which is nestled deep in the heart of Covent Garden. It’s arguably the most romantic restaurant in London and brings the traditions of rural France to the city. You can choose from a range of French dishes at a table under the stars in the beautiful blossom-filled conservatory.

For a romantic date with a difference, you can wonder around the Natural History Museum, after dark.

The museum is in South Kensington and hosts many after-hour events and fascinating late night tours. You can discover exciting exhibitions and amazing historical treasures before tucking into a contemporary meal with your loved one.

The best food market

Being an international city, you can find food markets all over that feature cuisines from all over the world. The most famous, and arguably the best, is Borough Market, a foodie’s haven. There’s something on offer to tempt everyone, from the sweet tooth type to a sucker for savoury. Surrounding the market stalls are restaurants and cafes serving its produce.

In the winter months, you don’t need gloves. All you need is a cup of the markets mulled wine in your hands. They are available from a range of stalls and perfect to keep you warm- and a little bit drunk. You can find stalls selling oysters and they are ready to eat straight off the counter with Tabasco and lemon.

Established in 1755, the market still upholds the historical features and atmosphere. Located beneath railway bridges, when visiting it still feels like ye olde London. You will feel like quoting Charles Dickens’ books as you wander around.

Music scene

Between Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus is the well-known Soho. Soho is associated as the number one music scene in London. The historical important events that occurred in the area make it the perfect visit for a music lover.

Back in 1950, Soho has the first Rock Club in Europe. It was a small club called 2i’s and despite having no more room for more than 25 people, and a stage just 18 inches wide, it propelled Soho to the front of the fledging rock scene. Although the building is now a restaurant, the rock history is not forgotten, they host ‘Bobby’s Rock’n’Roll Brunch’ every Sunday in name of the legacy.

Trident studios were set up in Soho’s St Anne’s Court in 1968 and have recorded some of the most famous albums and songs. The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie and The rolling Stones have all recorded there, contributing to Soho’s musical history.

Spooky attractions

If you love a good scare, there are plenty of historical and frightening things to do in London. London Dungeon, one of the capital’s most frightening attractions, is located on the South Bank and filled with spooky secrets of London’s murky past.

With London being the home of the iconic Jack the Ripper, you can take various Jack the Ripper tours and explore his twisted tales and uncover a still, to this day, unsolved crime. The tour is filled with spine-chilling surprises and takes you on a journey back to his gruesome murders and mysterious crimes.

There are London Ghost Bus Tours that uncover the dark history of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It takes you past some of London’s most sinister sites, including places of murder, torture, execution and supernatural activity. Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and The Tower of London are just some of the places on route. Expect plenty of goose bumps.

Visit London

So, whether you are visiting London for the famous sights, the shopping, the nightlife or the history, there are plenty of things to do and sights to see. The best parts of a trip to London are the bits you won’t expect.

Much of London is things you would never know until you experience them in person. It can be surprising how peaceful the green spaces can be in such a bustling city, or how distinctive different neighborhoods can feel.

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