Longyearbyen, The Amazing Northest City in The World

Famous as the city that all of the inhibitants keep alive. It means that every corpse are not to allowed burried in this city. It because the corpses can not be decay, because of the coolest temperature. Every corpses, even polar bears must carry away to the other city to burry. The rule hold after influenza epidemiced in 1917. The city that located at Spitsbergen archipelago, Svalbard, Norwegia, it is really not the same cool as the other region such a so near north pole. But still the local goverment need to treat the rule.

In the winter the temperatur at Longyearbyen is about -12 to -16° C and in the summer the temperatur is about 4 to 6° C. Beside the unique rule, Longyearbyen has special vareity kind of nature fenomena or the inhibitants houses, check it out!

The colourful houses in Longyearbeyn.

The colourful houses in Longyearbyen.

Colourful Houses. One of the unique scenery at Longyearbyen are the colourful houses, red yellow, green, blue and orange. The colour were very striking as among the green valley spreading. The colourful houses as like give surround nuance life even there is a fairytale said that Santa Claus live there, and the colourful houses are the houses of fairies whose help the Santa Clause.

The polar bears.

The polar bears.

Thousands of Polar Bears. Longyearbyen has about 2000 peoples. The amount is still fewer if we compere with the 3000 polar bears. They life wild and free. The inhibitants and visitors must careful and notice to the polar bears sign.

The midnight sun fenomena.

The midnight sun fenomena.

Midnight Sun Fenomena. In the certain months, there is sun in midnight at Longyearbyen. The sun in the midnight is the nature fenomena in hold in the summer at the region north pole. At Longyearbyen the fenomena midnight sun hold on April to August. This Fenomena usually appears in the summer. The effect from this fenomena can make the people raise their angger and loose their mood. Imagine that during 24 hours the sun shines with not set. For moeslems have to be patient to wait the fast break cause usually as during this fenomena the day longer than other country.


Night Pole. Beside midnight sun fenomena, there is also night pole in Longyearbyen. Night pole means, the night hold more than 24 hours continously dark. The night pole hold at the pole circle region. In Longyearbyen, the night pole hold in October until February.


For all the visitors, hiking a snow mountain it can become the extreme travelling destination. Highing line challenges and makes us keep on sweatty even we high the snow mountain. Travelling on boat to the death city to watch the beautiful scenery an gletser in also become a fun experience. Visiting Svalbard Museum is also enriched the knowledge about island and settlement in Longyearbyen.

If possible rent tour guide to get the funny experience travelling. If you take tour package us easier for you to get hot drink and cake, certainly you always need during travelling to the cool weather as Longyearbyen. Happy travelling in the northest city in the world!

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