Macaron’s Lover Guide in Cannes


Macaron is more than just a snack or dessert to accompany you enjoying your cup of tea or coffee because according to French people, macaron is a work of art. The name of macaron is originated from the Italian word, macarone or in English means meringue since the main ingredients of macaron is egg white combined with icing sugar, almond powder and food coloring. The taste is kind of unique which is melting in your mouth with filling based on your favorite but mostly between two cookies you could find sweet jam (the color choice of jam based on the color of the cookies), buttercream and ganache. If you were in France surely you want to taste it from where the first recipe was made and here’s the macaron’s lover guide to Cannes where you could taste the best macaron in town.

Macaron of Jean-Luc Pele

Location: 36 Rue Meynadier, Cannes

When it comes to France, even the street foods were made with style, so you could have the highest expectation you want toward Jean-Luc Pele since Jean-Luc Pele patisserie is considered to be the best patisserie you could find in Cannes. The choice of macaron in this patisserie is not as colorful as you expected because the chef prefers pastel colors with traditional sweet filling sandwiched between the two cookies. However, from the beautiful package up to the taste, you would not regret it and utterly perfect for Valentine’s Day gift.

Macaron of Jean Luc Pele

Macaron of Jean Luc Pele


Location: 63 Rue d’Antibes, Cannes

Lenotre in Cannes is the branch from the Parisian chain of the same name founded by Gastron Lenotre. Do you know him or at least heard his name? Well, if not surely you have watched Ratatouille, the chef Auguste Gusteau image is inspired from Gastron Lenotre. Lenotre is also the patisserie where Jean-Luc Pele trained before he opened his own patisserie house in Cannes. So, of course you could imagine how perfect the taste of macaron in Lenotre. Though the choice of macaron is not a lot, just available in seven different flavors but the patisserie claimed each macaron is executed only with the best ingredients in the best way. Lanotre offers their macaron in a handy tin, so the macaron is well protected until it received by your loved one along with the Valentine’s Day card.

Macaron in Lenotre

Macaron in Lenotre


Location: 79 Rue D’Antibes, Cannes

The colorful macaron is one of the things why this traditional patisserie is so famous around the world. The filling comes second as long as the colorful cookies attract the macaron’s lover. Laduree offers you a lot of options of colorful macaron and becomes of the patisserie in Cannes that people adore. The choice of flavor is a lot including pistachio and orange. The macaron is offered in a beautiful gift wrapped, so it is perfect for a sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

Macaron in Laduree

Macaron in Laduree

Those three places are where you should go for the best macaron in Cannes. Surely you have been wondering, how could macaron so famous in France but the name originated from the Italian word? According to history, macaron has been served in Venice since the 8th century but Catherine de Medici brought the recipe of macaron along with the pastry chef who served it to France when she married Henry II of France. Since then, macaron becomes the important part of France’s history.

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