Malaysia Airlines Fly to the Wrong Direction

Malaysia Airlines Fly to the Wrong Direction-1

A Malaysia Airlines aircraft reportedly flew to the wrong destination, but eventually the pilot realized the mistake and the plane back in the right direction.

This incident occurred on Christmas Day (25/12). MH132 plane was supposed to fly from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur, but apparently even plane flying south towards Melbourne.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Sunday (01/27/2015) aircraft has been flying for eight minutes after takeoff at 2:23 am. The pilot contacted air traffic controllers in Auckland and ask why the plane did not take direct flights to Malaysia.

The pilot then took the initiative to turn around and fly to Malaysia. Passengers were not told about this error.

Spokesman Airways, air navigation providers of New Zealand, said the Malaysian government-owned airline filed a flight plan to Kuala Lumpur through a somewhat different path.

“Maybe the pilot unfamiliar with the changes lanes to the south. But what the pilot is correct, “said Peter Clark, New Zealand flight observer.

According to him, the aircraft sometimes fly through southern Australia to avoid a head wind.

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