Most Wanted Travel Questions in Google

Most Wanted Travel Questions in Google

The virtual world makes travel planning easier travel. If the traveler first must rotate the globe or map reading, now they just need to rely on search engines such as Google to find information on travel destinations.

This year, Google re-create a list of questions regarding the most requested travel from throughout 2016. Quoted from Travel and Leisure on Friday (16/12), the following are a few questions about travel most often searched on Google, which is based on its popularity:

Most Wanted Travel Questions in Google

Most Wanted Travel Questions in Google

Where is Bali?
For those who do not know, Bali is located in Indonesia, south of Jakarta and north of Australia. Flights from United States (US) to Bali will pass through Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong or some other transit area. Many tourist activities that can be done there, ranging from air travel to partying. If you get bored with or Seminyak area of ​​Bali, it would not hurt to visit the Ubud area or Canggu.

What can be done in Vegas?
There are many things you can do in Las Vegas, USA. Starting from the circus Cirque du Soleil, visit the hills rock Red Rock Canyon and even hold a wedding with a unique theme. If you intend to play casino, not to forget the land, because many tourists who run out of money because it was too busy playing in a number of hotels that provide casino nightclub. Due to the many tourists who come to play casino, thieves and pickpockets are also targeting those who win a lot. So, be careful when you win and bring the money out a game.

What can you do in San Francisco?
Take pictures at the bridge Golden Gate Bridge is not the only thing that can be done during a visit to San Francisco. Tourists can also visit the former Presidio military base, the monument Palace of Fine Arts or the former prison island Alkatras. For those who want to relax can visit the park Mission Dolores Park or the beach Ocean Beach or Baker Beach. Gaiety typical of young people, such as music concerts in a small club, can also be easily found there.

Where is Corfu?
Being in Greece, of course Corfu island region has a wonderful view of the exotic. Here, tourists can enjoy a variety of water travel akivitas simultaneously see the white houses lining the foothill.

What can be done in Orlando?
Throughout 2015, US cities have been visited by 66 million tourists. There are many parks and museums must be visited, among others, Arboretum gardens, parks Harry P. Leu, museum Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art and the museum The Orlando Museum of Art. Also there is a Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando and Aquatica are definitely making the little travelers happy when I visited.

Where is Bora Bora?
Located in the Pacific Ocean, the island is a major tourist destination in the world’s rich. The scenic beauty above and below the sea has been unquestionable. Diving while feeding sharks or stingrays is an activity that most frequent travelers do there.

What can be done in Miami?
Miami is the right city for tourists who love art. There are many artistic places that must be visited, such as the Arts + Entertainment District, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the Museum Park. Do not forget to come in pemran Art Basel Miami held annually.

What is the weight of goods that can be brought into the aircraft cabin?
Many travelers feel more secure to carry luggage into the plane. Items can be entered into the aircraft cabin should not be larger than 56cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 23cm (depth). Meanwhile, the types of goods that can be brought is handbags, books, purses, computers, umbrellas, walking sticks, a small camera, baby food and duty-free goods are approved. Avoid carrying liquids too much, because it will potentially spill in flight. For cosmetics or personal medications, packed in clear bags are easily visible to facilitate the security officer checks.

What can be done in Myrtle Beach?
Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina, USA. A festive atmosphere makes many young people who chose this place as a destination for summer partying. Meanwhile, many families prefer North Myrtle Beach for calmer. Collect shells or read a book while sunbathing could be a spare time activity on the beach along the 100 km of this.

tWhere is the Grand Canyon?
The Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona, not far from the border of Utah, USA. Throughout the season, the Grand Canyon is worth visiting, especially for nature lovers travelers.
However, many tourists are advised to come a time in May, where the air is not too cold.

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