8 Points You Should Keep in Mind for Multi Day Hike

Hiking is one of the activities that you should do at least once in your life. Hiking is giving you the chance to be up close and personal with the Mother Earth and learn about its beauty rightly from the spot. However, sometimes one day is not enough to explore the hiking route, that’s why multi day hike is a solution. Unfortunately, going on a multi day hike without a proper preparation could lead you to negative experience at best but at worst it could even cost you your own life.

  1. Accurate Researches on the Hiking Route

It is the most basic thing you should do and the most important thing as well. As the start you could start mapping the hiking route, looking for information through official websites about rules and regulations and then joining the group discussion to find out more tips. Through those you know what you will find in the site from weather, trails, the best places to camp up to where you should go to refill your canteen.

  1. Start to Challenge Yourself

The main problem with hiking is heavy packing. Yup, it seems so unavoidable. If it is going to be your very first time to go hiking, start hitting the gym and do physicial workout to train the strenght of your legs and your core. Changing your daily routine from using elevator to stairs is also one of the ways to challenge yourself in order to prepare yourself with the hiking route.

  1. Get High Quality Hiking Boots Only

The price must be high when it comes to high quality hiking boots but during hiking, feet are the most important part. Sore feet and blisters are hell for hiker when there is no one around to help you. However, don’t take brand new hiking boots to go hike for the first time, it is only making your feet sore and blisters faster that you can imagine. Furthermore, don’t forget to only wear socks that are especially designed for hiking to get extra comfort.

  1. Invest to Some Lighter Gears

Multi day hike means multi more gears. It is not only about sleeping bag, you should add more gears like cooking equipment, tent, and more clothes. Could imagine how heavy they could be? Right now there are a lot of options of hiking gears offered in lighter weight to make your mutli day hike experience more comfortable. Unfortunately, most of lighter gears will cost your arm and legs, so invest to them wisely.

  1. Good Navigation System

You should thanks to technology that today there are a lot of options of navigation devices to help you easing up your hiking experience. This kind of technology is not only a solution to help you planning your hiking route but it could be a life saver as well.

  1. Learn about How to Make A Hydration Plan

Dehydration could be a life threatening, that’s why you should have a clear plan about how to deal with dehydration. Surely you cannot just bring water bottles in your backpack, that’s why you need to plan and look information about where you should go to refill your canteen during the hiking.

  1. Plan Your Meals

What you are going to eat during your hike? If what you have in mind is roasted sausage like what you’ve seen on movie and then you’re better camp in your back yard. In real hiking experience, you could only rely on freeze dried food.

  1. Prepare Proper First Aid Kit

Aside from drink and meals, first aid kit is the next thing you should prepare properly. Accidents happen that’s why you should make sure to prepare for the worst situations that could happen.

Before you go, keep in mind those 8 points mentioned above to make sure you are going to have a lifetime and memorable experiences only during your hiking.


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