New Zealand Promote Bungy Jumping to Increase Tourists from Abroad

attraction bungy jumping

The New Zealand government is now promoting the sport of bungy jumping as a one of the charms spur travel and tourism revenue that was oversized due to the world economic crisis .

On the other hand, measures to increase revenue was made after the state revenue from the livestock sector began to deteriorate sharply. In fact, the country’s largest producer of kiwifruit in the world, also has a high bridge that could dimamfaatkan to enjoy the thrill of the jump from a height. Evidence is increasing with the promoted tourist attractions can also be enjoyed by the foreign tourists.

New Zealand begin commercialization bungee jumping to tourists in 1988 by offering a height of 43 meters at the Kawarau Bridge, near the tourist area of ​​Queenstown. Now tourists can enjoy the daring sport in a number of bridges and platforms including Auckland’s Sky Tower with a height of 192 meters. “The tourism sector this year will account for nearly half of New Zealand’s economic expansion,” said Shamubeel Eaqub, an independent economist from Auckland.

New Zealand Began seeing a steady recovery and the dollar Began to flow in. If they do not do so then the economic growth is not growing as expected, he said, as quoted by Bloomberg on Thursday (03/12/2015).

bungy jumping in newzelandThe economic growth of nearly 1.8% this year after a drop in the price of milk to make the performance of the livestock sector were accompanied by declining confidence weakened domestic market, according to the country’s central bank.

Now with the weakening New Zealand dollar to below the price of six years ago, the tourists started many entry. New Zealand produces NZ $ 11.8 billion of foreign tourists and students over the last 12 months to 31 March. That is approximately NZ $ 14.2 billion derived from exports of milk, according to a report released last October.

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