Night Surfing, Gianyar – Bali

Night Surfing, Gianyar - Bali

Surfing is generally do in the morning, afternoon or evening. Given, swing the right waves is influenced by the weather and surfing beaches arches. But on the beach Keramas Gianyar Bali, surfers can enjoy surfing at night. Every night, this place always has a surfer who was toying with a surf board on the waves exciting.

Keramas Beach in the village of Keramas, District Blahbatu, Gianyar, Bali is a haven for tourists surfers and travelers who love the beauty of the marine. Start estimated popularity since the 2000s and has since become much visited beaches by those who have a hobby of extreme water sports (surfing).

For those who just want to enjoy it without plunging surf, some restaurants and resorts operate in this region. As I see the surfers in action above the waves, the play of light from the waterfront and music from DJs, these alloys looks beautiful.

Waves night in the middle of the ocean tide is indeed a challenge for the surfers. Several times surfing competitions are also held in this area, which is accompanied by a barbecue.

Unlike the other beaches in Bali, Keramas including still quiet. Privacy is still felt in this area. Sand beaches are still clean and almost no vendors except fishermen looking for seaweed each morning. Surfing and partying at night is an activity that is right on the beach.

Night Surfing,keramas beach - Bali

Adam Melling – Keramas Beach Bali

If you want to try to see the surfing action tonight, try to join the Commune Beach Club which is also located on this beach. This is the first time the community held a night surfing, and has so far gained a positive response from not only surfers but also the tourists who just want to sit and enjoy this action alone.

Enjoy refreshments, cocktails, or wine is also quite fun while seeing the surfers in action against the waves at night.

Keramas Beach is a beach that is very popular among both local and foreign surfers, because this beach is one of the best surfing spots in Bali. Shampooing beach is located in the village of Keramas, District Blahbatu, Gianyar. Is approximately 6 km from the city of Gianyar.

Atmosphere lovely beach with beautiful scenery and stretches of green rice fields and rows of palm trees lined along the road to Keramas Beach electable as a place of your vacation with family and friends when visiting to Bali Island.

Moreover, if you watch the surfers play with the waves on a surf board they were a stunning scenery and exciting. In addition to surfing, this beach you can do activities such as relaxing, sunbathing, playing and fishing.

Initially this beach called Kuramas Beach, reputedly some time ago a lot of turtles come to lay their eggs in the beach. But then the name was changed to shampooing or gold monkey that comes from the word meaning monkey ape and gold, but the monkeys and even then disappeared a mystery until today.

To maintain the cleanliness of Keramas Beach, the surrounding communities to cooperate with merchants, surfers and private parties involved in surfing activities at times predetermined worked together to clean this beach.

The livelihoods of about Keramas Beach is as fishermen, farmers and stone seekers brush, it is clearly visible while this beach location.

In order to create the comfort of visitors over Keramas Beach always clean themselves with supporting facilities such as villas, cafes, small shops selling food and drinks as well as a large parking area.

If you want to have the necessary Keramas Beach travel time approximately 90 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport and approximately 35 minutes from Denpasar when using a motor vehicle.

What are the advantages of this beach? As usual atmosphere beauty charming beach covered with natural beauty and lush paddies make anyone who comes will instantly fall in love making. Rows of waving palm trees lined along the road leading to the beach, leaving the beauty that is not just a mere mirage heavenly, but absolutely real. Therefore, this beach appropriate for your first visit with the family.

The presence of many surfers on the beach even this became the main attraction. You can see the various maneuvers they do on a big wave that seemed to be dropped. Usually Caucasians, Caucasians, besides surfing, also do other activities such as swimming, sunbathing, playing in the sand gleaming, or fishing. Interested?

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