Nightlife in Adams Morgan

Nightlife in Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is known as culturally diverse environments. This place is also called the heart of Washingthon DC. Pulse crowd that never subsided areas with people passing by is in northwest Washington DC. Its location centered at the intersection of 18th Street NW and Columbia Road NW.

This streetscape connects the two cities of Washington DC and Florida Avenue to Columbia Road. In the corridors of this road, there is a public space supporting facilities such as pedestrian way width, road bikes, and the main road.

Judging from history, once the Adams Morgan neighborhood of two area elementary schools, namely Thomas P Morgan Elementary School who received only black student and John Quincy Adams Elementary School who received only white students. In 1955, the two schools is dissolved. Finally this area called Adams Morgan neighborhood, the combined name of the two schools. In 1960, the area inhabited by immigrants from El Salvador and Guatemala, Central America so that a multi-cultural area. Subsequently grown into a commercial area.

Bars, restaurants, night clubs and shops lined up neatly along the main road. Houses and apartment buildings in the surrounding areas characterized by the architecture of the 19th century and early 20th century buildings located Though this area has a lot to be revitalized, yet still leaving a trace remnants of past grandeur.

If you like crowds, you can take the time to enjoy the nightlife in this commercial area. Accompanied by a slice of pizza and a glass of beer. Quite often, visitors can get a free beer, with only $ 5 you can get down to the dance floor and enjoy the music throughout the evening. Adams Morgan will squirm met by many visitors.Bar Nightlife in Adams Morgan - WisataHiburan

This area is very crowded so the parking lot is limited. One way that can be done to reach this place is by using public transport. You can stop at the Woodley Park Zooatau Adams Morgan Metro for the next walk in Columbia Rd NW Washington, Distric of Colombia. Foreign tourist.

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