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nusa dua beach bali

BALI – NUSA DUA BEACH is one of the resort area in Bali, located in the south of the island of Bali and is often used to conduct international activities such as conferences Apec summit and the United Nations Conference so often visited leaders of different countries. Some national political parties are also often used Nusa Dua Beach Bali as a place to hold the event the General Assembly. Besides the beauty of stunning beaches, many 5 star hotels around the coast, making Nusa Dua Bali as a favorite place to hold such important events.

Nusa Dua tourist area is very neat and gives the impression of a luxury tourist spot. Hygiene and trees preserved and well-maintained. Almost every international hotels there have beautiful gardens and even to say the gardens are in Nusa Dua is the most beautiful garden in the park located on the island of Bali.

Waves Nusa Dua Beach has calm water currents, so it is safe and suitable for holidays with loved ones. You can sit back on the beach under the tropical sun to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the coastline, while the children can freely play in this beach.

In Nusa Dua, Bali, there are three beaches that we can visit in one day because the distance between the adjacent beach to another, namely, Nusa Dua beach, beach Geger and Coastal Water Blow.

Nusa Dua beach is the beach which is most conducive to relax because the waves are calm and the number of trees Jamblang that makes the atmosphere cool and shady. Geger beaches are also no less beautiful to be enjoyed. Clean white sand and shady trees and the waves are calm so safe if you want to encourage your baby to swim play beach waves.

Coastal Water Blow fact can not be called a beach because the texture in the form of a steep cliff with the waves hitting the edge of the cliff. For that reason, along the seaside guardrail to anticipate things that are not desirable.

nusa dua beach bali

Bali – Nusa Dua Beach

Road to Bali Nusa Dua Beach

The road to the Nusa Dua beach is very easily passed either by private vehicle or public transport. Nusa Dua Bali beach located south of Ngurah Rai airport with a distance of approximately 12 km. If departing from Ngurah Rai Airport, we can reach the beach of Nusa Dua using taxi services at the rate of about 100,000, – and takes approximately 30 minutes. If using a taxi, ask the driver to pass Mandara Toll Road in order to drive while enjoying the sea from the bridge that was on top of the sea along approximately 6 km. If we depart from the Kuta area, the trip takes only about 30 minutes and if from Jimbaran about 15 minutes.


Existing facilities and activities in Nusa Dua

Some of the existing facilities in Nusa Dua, among others Galleria Shopping Center, which is a very large shopping area in the center of the complex of Nusa Dua that provide everything needed for tourists. In the shopping center is sometimes also featured attractions bali dance attractions such as Kecak and Legong for the visitors. In addition there is also the Emergency Unit of a very modern to help guests who have health problems.


In Nusa Dua there is also a place for surfing or surfing surfers and the best place to surfing in Nusa Dua is located in the area of Sri Lanka, to get there we had to use a boat. To get good waves for surfing should you visit during the rainy season. This area also offers other water sports activities such as diving, snorkeling, and parasailing and flyingfish. To try all these sports you can visiting to areas that still beside to Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa.

Nusa dua Snorkeling-bali
In Tanjung Benoa there are several operataor or agencies that provide services many water sport activities such as diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, water skiing, and fishing. Agent This agent also provides travel services, delivering tourists to do fishing with a boat that is transparent to the water so that we can see the view of the sea from the ship.


Besides if you want to try something different activities, you can follow the camel safari at the rate of $ 45 for adults and $ 20 for children.

Camel on Nusa dua bali beach


if you are visiting Bali, staying at one of the hotels in Nusa Dua Bali below. 3 hotels in the list below are the top 5 best in the elite area.

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua

The Westin Resort Nusa dua

Achieve a variety of international awards is located in the tourist area of Nusa Dua. This hotel is the main target of the newlyweds, families and businessmen. Has a lot of international scale conferences held in this seaside resort. Business and meeting facilities at this hotel is very complete and sophisticated.

The Westin Resort has 334 guest rooms and suites complete with super facilities of international standard. For recreational needs, this hotel provides a Westin Kids Club, which is very fitting spoil the child, 6 restaurants and cafes who answered a variety of tastes classy guests, 3 swimming pools, 2 tennis courts, a fitness center and an exclusive spa services. dining, this hotel is able to provide a unique experience through a special program thematic dinner. Hotel for little else is paying more attention to the program held a special children’s meal.

The Mulia Bali

the mulia bali hotelThe Mulia Bali brings together hotels, resorts, and villas in an area of 32 hectares on the beach of Nusa Dua. To his hotel, The Mulia Bali provides 111 guestrooms 5 star international standard.

The interior is very luxurious hotels packed inspired by the Greek architectural style with a touch of natural materials. Marble and limestone into the main elements of the hotel building which features its own grandeur.

The Mulia Bali holiday complementary facilities through Noble Spa, fitness center, Noble Kidz (in particular children), and 9 restaurants, bars, and lounges. Restaurant and lounge at The Mulia Bali offers an exceptional dining experience with a menu choice is infinite.

Desserts at this hotel even is very popular among guests. The swimming pool is another major charm of The Mulia Bali. The hotel has a swimming pool with an attractive design and enhanced by views of the Indian Ocean are very tempting.

The Laguna Resort & Spa Bali

The Laguna Resort & Spa BaliThis super luxury accommodation called The Lagunakarena offers a unique concept of the lagoon through the pool area surrounded by a fence 5000m2yang natural form of lush tropical gardens.

The swimming pool is visible around the resort so you can swim on any side in the lagoon. The specialty of this hotel were also supported by its location sided intimate with the Indian Ocean. You are free to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the private beach The Laguna Resort.

The hotel has 287 guest rooms and suites that offer luxurious amenities flavor of Bali. Not only that, The Laguna also equipped with international facilities such as Lagoon Spa & Fitness Centre located at the bottom of the waterfall, berperlengkapan sophisticated business center, and 4 restaurants and bars providing local and international menu options.

If you want to enjoy a drink while accompanied by disco music, Kulkul Bar is ready to welcome you. Legong traditional entertainment can be seen every Friday night at Banyu Biru Restaurant.


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