Opening Night Fan Event Beauty and the Beast: Be the First to Experience the Magic

Opening Night Fan Event Beauty and the Beast

What’s so special about 16 March 2017? Today is the opening night fan event of the most anticipating live action fairytale in 2017 which also claimed to be ‘tale as old as time’, Beauty and the Beast. The excitement of tonight has been building in months since the final trailer of this classic tale was released last January by Disney. Since then fans have been counting times until they finally could experience the magic of the movie themselves and the time is tonight.

Beauty and the Beast Opening Night Fan Event

Beauty and the Beast Opening Night Fan Event

Beauty and the Beast: the Newest Live Action of Disney’s Tale as Old as Time

It is not the only live action of Beauty and the Beast but perhaps this newest version is the most anticipating one because not only the plot story is adapted from the Disney’s classic version of Beauty and the Beast but the combination of classic and advance cinematography technology are the reasons why this version is worth watching. In an interview with Bill Condon, the director, he stated that the combination of those will bring this classic tale to the next level and this live action will be more alive than ever.

Adapted from Disney’s Classic Beauty and the Beast

There are a lot of version of Beauty and the Beast even the tale which considered to be originals were available in two versions, first version originated from a French writer, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve which was published for the first time in 1970. In order to be relevant to younger reader, the tale was rewritten by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1756. This 2017 live action version is adapted from Disney’s classic though the overall story is the same about a beauty who was once trapped in a castle with a beast who happened to be the lost prince who was cursed. The curse could be broken only when there is someone who loves the beast for the way he is. Furthermore about this newest Disney’s classic tale is some Hollywood big names in the cast like Emma Watson, Dan Stevans, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Luke Evans, Ian McKellen, Emma Thomson and many more.

Beauty and the Beast March 2017

Beauty and the Beast March 2017

Be the First to Experience the Magic

Since last January 31th, 2017 Disney has announced that Opening Night Fan Event will be held in March 16th, 2017. So, thousands of fans could be the first to experience the magic of the movie. Everything were prepared in the best version from the choice of IMAX theater, Dolby Cinema and everything related to HD Cinema and premium large format will be used for the sake of fans’ satisfaction. Furthermore, during the opening night fan event, the music video of Ariana Grande and John Legend duet of Beauty and the Beast will be played for the first time special for fans.

The Opening Night Fan Event Will be Held Across the Country

It has been confirmed that theaters from Regal, AMC, Marcus, Cinemark and Wehrenberg will be participate in this opening night fan event. It is also has been announced that around 590 locations will be used as the point of the opening night fan events. So, even if you’re not in Hollywood, just do the check whether the nearby theater is holding the same events.

So, don’t miss the chance to be the first one to experience the magic of Beauty and the Beast, the fairytale that has been claimed to be the tale as old as time.

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