Red Sea Still Visited by Many Tourists

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Since Russian plane crashed in Egypt affecting termination of some airline flights European countries, it did not dampen foreign tourists to keep traveled in the city of Sharm-esh -Sheikh on the coast of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Hotel Dreams Beach, one of the famous hotels in the resort of town, still receives a lot of foreign tourists who come to enjoy the beach and stunning coral reefs.

“I can not find a better place in the world compared to this,” said George Upsher of London. He said he enjoyed the sun rises from the side of the pool at the hotel. “I feel safe here … my government’s decision to evacuate tourists do not affect me. I will go my vacation is over. “Upsher said he often visited Sharm-esh-Sheikh for six years, and stressed he will be back again next year.

On Thursday (5/11), the UK stopped all flights from and to Egypt, after a Russian plane crash recently killing all 224 passengers. The move came after some US media, citing unnamed sources reported that a bomb may have caused the disaster laid.

Russia then joined Britain, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey to divert their aircraft over the territory of Sinai or freeze-flight to Sharm esh-Sheikh. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday ordered all aircraft flying to and from the country of Egypt paused speculation was rife about a possible terror attack on the Russian plane.

Moscow and London has been attracting thousands of tourists were trapped on the Sharm-esh-Sheikh during the last two days, Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday.

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Such actions are expected to exacerbate the recession that has enveloped the tourism sector, which has been dogged by problems in Egypt and has become one of the country’s national income sources and reserves foreign exchange.

It turns out that the decision does not seem to affect the majority of foreign tourists in the resort of the city. “All of this happened and it scares people, but security has been increased. I will only go when my flight arrived. I am very happy here and of course I will remain here for a while, “said a woman aged 40 years from the UK. He did not want his identity mentioned.

Along the golden sand at the beach resort of the dozens of tourists bask in the sun, while many more travelers to enjoy the warm water. “I came here after the plane (Russia) fell. I am not afraid … I hope there are more stringent safety oversight, “said Ilnur Savganov, Russian tourists who visited Egypt with his family. “I will only leave when the holiday ends. I do not need to leave early, “added the young man.

There are as many as 400 Russian companies operating in Egypt, and more than three million Russian tourists visit Egypt every year.

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