Religious Destinations: Vienna’s Beautiful Churches

Viena's Beautiful Church - Votive Church

Do you know that you don’t need to be a religious to visit churches? Well, in Vienna, Austria, many tourists from around the world coming to the city are for the churches but not all of them are even Catholic or Christian but still the reason they come to Vienna is for the churches. It is because Vienna is not only rich of history and culture but Vienna has beautiful churches that are totally worth it for your Instagram.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is probably the most important church in the city because of its unique architecture in Gothic style. That’s why among other attractions in Vienna, this church is an important landmark of the city. The unique things about this church are not only the spectacular four towers but also the 13 bells well known Pummerin. The church also has graves where you could find a lot of famous names were buried.

Viena's Beautiful Church - St. Stephen's Cathedral

Viena’s Beautiful Church – St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Greek Church to the Holy Trinity

It is one of the Orthodox Church in Vienna which was built around 18th century. So, this church is not only beautiful but also rich of history. The ancient church looks stunning because of its Byzantine style which is combined with a classical Nordic style by Theophil von Hansen.

Viena's Beautiful Church - Greek Church to the Holy Trinity

Viena’s Beautiful Church – Greek Church to the Holy Trinity

The Church at Steinhof

Though this church is located in the outskirt of the Vienna but this one is worth a visit. This church was built around 1904 – 1907 and especially designed by Otto Wagner for the sake of patients of the mental institutions located in the same area and until now the church is still actively used by patients from the same institutions. So, to visit it you need a guide tour.

Viena's Beautiful Church - The Church at Steinhof

Viena’s Beautiful Church – The Church at Steinhof

Karl Borromaus Church

Karl Borromaus church is a Roman Catholic Church. If you see the design, this church is similar to The Church at Steinhof, it is because though this church was designed by Max Hegele but not without influence of Otto Wagner, the architect who designed The Church at Steinhof.

Viena's Beautiful Church - Karl Borromaus

Viena’s Beautiful Church – Karl Borromaus

Votive Church

Do you know how many years required building this church? Well, after the first construction began in 1854, it took 23 years for the church to finish but the beauty you see today is worth the years that have been taken to build it. Besides St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Votive Church is another church with Gothic style design and probably one of the most sacred buildings in the world. The tower of the church is the second highest in Vienna.

Viena's Beautiful Church - Votive Church

Viena’s Beautiful Church – Votive Church

St. Charles’ Church

Besides St. Stephen’s Church, St. Charles’ Church is also one of the important landmarks of Vienna. However, the design is totally different from St. Stephen’s Church because this church is adopting baroque architectural style which main influence is Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. This church is a clear representation of relation between Byzantium and Rome.

Viena's Beautiful Church - St Charles' Church

Viena’s Beautiful Church – St Charles’ Church

St. Nicholas’ Church

St. Nicholas’ is Russian Orthodox Church. This church’s architecture is more Russia than Vienna it is because initially this church was built for Russian’s embassy church and though it is constructed by an Italian architect, Luigi Giacomelli but the church is designed by Russian architect Grigorij Iwanowitsch Kotow.

Viena's Beautiful Church - St. Nicholas' Church

Viena’s Beautiful Church – St. Nicholas’ Church

Sometimes, travelling is not only about having fun and Vienna is offering you type of travelling where you could feed your soul just by visiting those holy and sacred churches in Vienna. The beautiful design is just a bonus that comes with some peace of soul.

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