Russian Tour Operators are turning their focus to Asian destinations

russian tour operators aims asian

Russian tour operators shifted their focus to the various tourist destinations of Asia like Thailand and China after the country’s tourism agency prohibits organizing travel packages to Turkey. This step was taken in response to the shooting of Russian fighter jets near the Syrian border in the last month.

For Tez Tour, one of Russia’s largest tour company, Turkey is half of the entire business. With the ban issued recently forced it to change strategy.

“We are changing business models, we knew we had to find other alternatives. Not only Russia, but we also have to look at other overseas destinations, “said Director of Public Relations of the company Larissa Akhanova.

Some places are becoming an alternative destinations including the United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Jordan. In addition, some destinations in the East also his popularity is on the rise, said Maya Lomidze of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

“Russia is a big country. For Europe, Egypt and Turkey are the main destination. In the Russian Far East and Siberia, China became the second place. Thailand is the number one, “he said. “Thailand began leading the overall and China. It only estimates a positive, “he added.
tour operators asia
Association of Tour Operators of Russia much hope in Asian destinations, including Vietnam and face to be working more closely with China to offer the country as a destination for cultural tourism.

However, it is still highly dependent on the price, vacation packages to Asia still remain more expensive than to Turkey. Most of the four million Russian tourists who usually traveled to Turkey expects China to give offers to the same value if they pay attention to it.

Moscow implemented a number of sanctions against Turkey, including the banning of imports of a number of food products from Turkey and stop granting visa free travel, even to stop the educational projects. Many Russians also felt the impact.

Gerasimova Aleksandra and her husband who never traveled to Turkey in the framework of their honeymoon and the current always go back there every year along with their two children. However, after the ban on holiday to Turkey, making their family holiday on December 1 last fall apart. “It is sad because we really liked wraga and the country. And now we have to look for other options. This seems a bit heavy to do, “he said.

This family consider Greece but still too expensive, while Asia is also expensive. They currently have to change their vacation habits, especially in travel.

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