Samos Holidays: A Dream Destination

Samos Holidays: A Dream Destination

Popularly called the “The Green Aegean Island”, Samos appears as an emerald perfectly set amidst of the diamonds and sapphires of the sea. When you come to spend holidays in Samos, you will realize, why it is considered to be the best vacation detsination of Greece. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Samos will make you feel at home as soon as you set your foot here.

There are so many things to explore in Samos, that you may get confused. Let’s have a look at the must see tourist attractions of Samos.

The Tunnel of Efpalinus

Designed in the 6th century B.C, by Efpalinus, an engineer from the Megara, the Tunnel of Efpalinus is one of the most popular attractions of Samos. The tunnel is 1026 meter long and is located at a height of 246 meters. This tunnel was built to ensure proper water supply in the ancient city. This tunnel connected the city with the village of Mytilinioi, where the source of water was found.

The Temple of Goddess Hera

This is another interesting tourist site. The temple was reconstructed over and again. The latest version was constructed during the reign of Polucrates. It was designed by the architect Rikos. The marble column reflects the architectural style of that particular era. The temple of Hera had a huge significance in ancient Greece.

Lykourgos Tower

This tower was built in 1824 by the leader of the Samian revolution, Lykourgos Logothetis. The major purpose for building this tower was to protect the port of Pythagoreio, the rebels and the residents from the Turkish attack. Located in the Pythagoreio village, the tower can be visited by foot.

Cave of Pythagoras

Cave of Pythagoras
Cave of Pythagoras

It is situated 3 km away from Kampos Marahokampou, on the East Side of the Kerkis Mountain. The cave was named after Pythagoras, who tool shelter in the cave when he was chased by Polycrates. It is also said that the philosopher used to medidate in the cave and that is how it got its name.

Waterfall of Potami

If you are a nature lover, this is a must see for you. You will have to drive 3km west of Karlovasi to reach the waterfall. The waterfall and a lake near it are undoubtedly the most beautiful tourist attractions to be found in Samos.

When you are enjoying Samos holidays, visiting these places are a must for you. Otherwise your holidays will be incomplete.

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