Scotland Where Myth, Magic and Natural Beauty Were Collided

Scotland - Stonehenge

When it comes to UK, most people were busy filling their itinerary where they could spend most of their time in London. Well, do you know that London’s traffic is suck and you’re not the only tourist from this world who thinks London is going to be your next holiday destination? So, why don’t you think of the alternative like visiting Scotland instead of England and get to know more about the Scottish instead of the English. Believe it or not but compared to England, Scotland is much more magical because perhaps only in this country you could see that myth is more than just an urban legend and magic is not only available in Harry Potter’s book.

Hunting for the Loch Ness Monster

The story about Loch Ness monster has drawn the tourist to visit Scotland. The story started years ago when a picture taken in the loch captured a figure which looks like a dinosaur swimming in the lake were going viral. Since then many speculations were spreading and that’s becoming a fascinating story of an already enchanting loch of Scotland. Actually, there are a lot of gorgeous lochs in Scotland and some pictures below will definitely entice you to plan your route to Scotland.

Scotland - Lochs

Scotland – Lochs

Scotland - Lochs

Scotland – Lochs

Living in the Past

Just like any countries in Europe, Scotland is also packed with fascinating and stunning castles. Those castles are the representations of how glorious as well as how dark the highland in the past. Now, those castles are the reminders that something that was glorious in the past could be just a ruin now and how something that used to be so dark could turn into something that stunningly beautiful today.

Scotland - Castles

Scotland – Castles

Scotland - Castles

Scotland – Castles

The Stunning Devil Points

Don’t be fooled with the name because nothing evil about the Devil Points, instead the view is so stunningly beautiful with the swirly lines of snakelike rivers. Located in Cairngorms National Park, this place is a perfect reason why you should visit Scotland instead of England.

Scotland - Devil Points

Scotland – Devil Points

Once in A Lifetime Farmer of Iconic Highland Cattle

Scotland is probably not offering you sunny day or warm beach; instead it offers you an experience of being a farmer of iconic highland cattle which only could be found in Scotland. So, surely don’t miss the experience of farming them in their natural habitat.

Scotland - Cattles

Scotland – Cattles

Welcoming Sunrise in Callanish Stone Circle

Scotland also provides you something alien in the form of Callanish Stone Circle or the Stonehenge of Scotland. Welcoming the sunrise in the location is not only giving you a totally Instagramable picture but also a magical experience of watching the sun light escaping the gaps between stones covered with dark blue sky which makes the view looks spectacular.

Scotland - Stonehenge

Scotland – Stonehenge

Feel The Magic in the Air

Not magical enough? Well, perhaps it is the time to see Scotland from the air as Hogwarts Express is passing in The Glenfinnan Viaduct bringing the Hogwarts students.

Scotland - Hogwarts

Scotland – Hogwarts

Moreover about Scotland are cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow are also worth your visit because in those cities you could experience the old castles are blending perfectly with the modern world in the middle of the beautiful city. The cobblestones streets are packed with histories while each corner tells you a fascinating story and secrets from the past.

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