Secret of Okinawa – Tasty Culinary, Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Japan is not only well known for its Cherry Blossom, its dry winter or all year round festivals but Japan also has semi-tropical side in Okinawa, an island best known with the longevity of its people. If you’re in Okinawa, it is not difficult at all to find people whose ages are more than 100 years old, while in other countries, 100 years old man or woman is just a myth. According to the data, the lifespan of people in Okinawa is the highest in the world, which is 81.2 years old. Surely you’re wondering how Okinawa’s people could reach those ages. Is there any secret of Okinawa you should reveal? Well, actually there are already many researches that have been done and the results are closely related to how Okinawa’s people eat, what they eat and their daily healthy lifestyle.

How Okinawa’s People Eat?

For eating pattern, Okinawa’s people are applying hara hachi bu which has similar meaning to ‘stop eating before you full’. In other words, if your stomach capacity is 100%, you should stop eating when it reaches 80%.

Secret of Okinawa - Champuru

Secret of Okinawa – Champuru

What Okinawa’s People Eat?

Surprisingly, Okinawa’s people are eating everything, there is no food they shouldn’t consume but they are very strict when it comes to the food portion. They consume carbohydrate as much as they consume vegetables. In smaller portion than carbohydrate and vegetables, they put fruits equal to foods that contained calcium like milk, cheese and butter. The next is fish and all kind of foods that rich of omega 3 fatty acids and the last; they consume meat in smallest portion.

Secret of Okinawa - Okinawa Diet

Secret of Okinawa – Okinawa Diet

Okinawa’s People Daily Healthy Lifestyle

Though Okinawa’s people are consuming carbohydrate in relatively large amount but they keep their body weight under control by doing a lot of physical activities. It makes sense because carbohydrate they consumed will be turned into energy, so there is chance for fats to stay longer in their body. It is because most of Okinawa’s women are working in plantation, they plant everything, vegetables and fruits, while most of the men in Okinawa are working as fishermen. While they’re not working, Okinawa’s people are also well known to like socializing with their neighbors, they will visit their neighbors regularly to share stories and eat together. Their habit of eating together with neighbors, according to some researches is one of the secret of their longevity.

The same researches stated that when a group of people are eating together, the duration to eat is longer because while eating, they will talk, laugh, give comment, tell story and so on, longer eating duration affects the production of blood sugar and make you feel full faster and longer. Furthermore, Okinawa’s people are only consuming vegetables and fruits from their own garden which is mostly organic, meat from the local butcher and fish they have caught themselves.

Secret of Okinawa - Healthy Habit of Okinawa People

Secret of 0kinawa – Healthy Habit of Okinawa People

Culinary Secret of Okinawa

Another unique thing about Okinawa is the assimilation of cultures you could find in their culinary. There are some famous dishes in 0kinawa you should try like Goya Champuru, mix vegetables inspired by Indonesia’s culinary. Taco Rice is another version of Taco in America which once brought by US Army, however the original taco is served with bread or chips, in Okinawa they consume it with rice. Rafute is another famous culinary in Okinawa made from pig belly which once brought by the Chinese to this beautiful island.

If you want to have a long lasting life, perhaps visiting Okinawa is a good island. Though there is no secret of Okinawa that has not been revealed but learning from the expert always the best way to master their secrets. Besides, Okinawa is a beautiful island with a lot of beautiful beaches and more diving spots you could explore. Happy Travelling!

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